Why I Will Not Take the Jab

By: Roy P. Williams

As most of you know, I do not trust the pharmaceutical industry. Because that same industry is now pushing everyone to take the jab, even though it has not truly received FDA approval and it was rushed through the approval process without going through all the steps, I will not, at this point, even consider it.

Now, please understand that I have no problem with anyone who, using their own free will, decides to take it, because I truly do believe in freedom of choice. With that said, I do have a huge problem with any governmental agency, business, school, or institution trying to force anyone to take the jab by threatening to fire them or keep them from shopping or doing any other business if they choose not to take the jab.

Here is some information everyone should take into consideration before taking the Covid vaccinations.

A whistleblower from Moderna made a screenshot of an internal company notice labeled “Confidential – For internal distribution only,” showing there were 300,000 adverse events reported in only three months’ time. Quote: This enabled the team to effectively manage approximately 300,000 adverse event reports and 30,000 medical information requests in a three-month span to support the global launch of their COVID-19 vaccine. 

This information doesn’t even acknowledge just how underreported adverse events and deaths are. For instance, “According to the famous Lazarus report from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc., 2009 revealed that only 1% of adverse events from vaccines are being reported.” That should scare the heck out of anyone even thinking about getting the jab.

Here are some of the reasons for underreporting.

The pharmaceutical industry has been waging an unrelenting media war for decades against all medical experts who were attempting to correctly inform the public about the dangers of vaccines. One strategy is name calling, and the negative label ‘anti-vaxxer’ was chosen to shame and blame all scientists, physicians and nurses who speak out about the devastation caused by vaccinations.

“Because of this criminal campaign, the majority of the population is clueless that vaccines can cause any harm at all.” 


The message the general public constantly hears and sees — Vaccines are safe and the best way to protect yourself from disease — couldn’t be further from the truth. The undeniable fact that children (and people of all ages, for that matter) are far sicker today than ever before in history, while at the same time they are the most vaccinated population in all of history, is stone cold denied. The widespread propaganda by the vaccine companies, who use government agencies as their main carrousel, simply told humanity for decades that adverse events are a very rare occurrence.

Not only are medical experts being censored, they are also being blocked from all social media, their websites are debunked by Google, entire YouTube channels are deleted, many have lost their jobs, and in some countries medical experts have been arrested in an attempt to suppress the truth about the experimental COVID injections.

Several countries are now labeling scientists who speak out against vaccines, ‘domestic terrorists.’ Evidence and scientific facts are ignored. It’s simply not accepted that experts should share accurate information about the severe dangers of the injections.  

It is clear that all means have to be deployed by the criminal vaccine cartel” to suppress what is going on with these shots. Because of all of this, countless medical personnel are afraid to report adverse events, which further contributes to the underreporting of these side effects.

When a doctor or nurse witnesses their patient dying or become disabled for life, they are naturally afraid of being held accountable, and therefore have yet another motivation for not reporting the adverse events. 

Many medical professionals receive financial incentives to promote the vaccines. That again is a reason for them to not report adverse events. This is possible because the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most criminalized industries in the world, because of their constant political lobbying, controlling of the news media, and bribery of all who avoid playing their game. Pfizer alone estimates to profit at least 33.5 billion dollars from the covid injections!

Those are just some of the reasons I will not be taking the jab, but the main reason is that I decided a long time ago that I will always put my faith in God and His creations instead of man and his concoctions. As soon as COVID appeared, all of us at NEWtritional Health Care started taking more IS-3 to super charge our immune systems, and even though all of us have been exposed to the virus many times, not one of us have had any symptoms.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams