What Makes Ronnie Roll: Against All Odds

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Monday, March 11 was a day that was inarguably the proof that spring was going to, in fact, triumph and the symbol of it was in the picture of daffodils that are in Mayor Ronnie’s garden. “Look at them!” the mayor exclaimed. “There they are, hidden, and no one can tell that they are going to come back, and every year they do!” I shared his enthusiasm, as each year in the south there is this fight between winter and spring, each dealing the other a significant blow until spring finally triumphs. The thing about daffodils that further intrigues me is that recently I learned they reproduce in two ways — by planting bulbs, and then they also have the ability to spread through seeds. Not many flowers have two ways of reproducing, and their “workaround” makes them even more a cheery reminder that spring wins, always.

That’s why you see “daffs” down in ditches, and in the oddest places. It is thought that one of the reasons is that they were carried in the skirts of settlers and ended up being planted randomly. Point is, they emerge against all odds.

One of the best examples in our community of things which have made a comeback, have found a workaround, or what ever you want to call it, is that Chili Challenge demonstrated yet another way to build community after COVID. “There was a good turnout, and I am so glad it’s back,” said the mayor. I forgot to ask him if he remembered his Tums…

“Learn-to-Read had the Spelling Bee,” mentioned the mayor. He went on to say that the teams went sixteen rounds, and St. Paul Catholic School finally prevailed. We talked for a while about daylight saving time, and whether it should go the way of the mastodon. When I was a kid, I hardly paid attention, and now that I am older, it takes me a few days to adjust. “We need to get that settled once and for all,” said the mayor, and I agreed.

“This weekend is going to be a busy one, too,” said Mayor Ronnie. We talked about the Difference Dash, the 5K benefitting the Athens-Limestone Hospital Foundation, and I told him I would be running in it. The fact that we are going to have a Home & Garden Show is so encouraging after a long hiatus. Saint Patrick’s Day is going to have two celebrations, one on Friday night at the Athens Alehouse, and another on Saint Patrick’s Day itself at several participating restaurants in the area, including Salty Cod and Old Black Bear.

“Against all odds, spring is springing,” chuckled Mayor Ronnie. We had to brace for a cold snap or two, as always, but winter is definitely going to be in our rear-view mirror in just a few days, and we have much to celebrate in Athens, Alabama. So, there was only one thing to do, and that was give thanks, pray for our country and our town, and then Ronnie had to roll.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner