Vote For Kelly Davis, Limestone County Circuit Court Clerk

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Athens native Kelly Davis is running for Circuit Court Clerk, and intently desires the opportunity to serve the people of our area. Her commitment as a candidate comes from deep inside, and it is:

“With 10 years of experience in the law and financial fields, I know that I have the skills and knowledge that it takes to serve as Circuit Court Clerk. I understand the importance of the clerk’s office and am looking forward to the opportunity. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our community continues to be a wonderful place for all of us.”

For people who are new to the area, the Circuit Court Clerk has a number of areas of responsibility, each of which is crucial to the smooth running of the judicial offices of our county. According to the Limestone County Circuit Court website, here is a breakdown and description of the ten divisions within that office:

The Circuit Clerk serves as the courts “official record keeper” and business manager on all court proceedings held in the District and Circuit Courts. While the Circuit Clerk serves as an administrative arm of the Court, the primary responsibilities are to maintain court records and manage the collection and disbursement of court funds for the court system with integrity and security at all times.

On a daily basis, the Circuit Clerk’s Office interacts with the public while managing court pleadings, collecting fines and fees, preparing subpoenas and issuing court notices for scheduled trials and hearings. These court records are divided into ten different divisions that include Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Child Support, Traffic, Juvenile and Warrants. Jury management also falls under the duties of the Circuit Clerk.

They also handle passports, evictions, and absentee ballots. In other words, all of this involves the need for having “drop-dead gorgeous” documents and squeaky-clean financial records that are readily accessible to all that need them. Kelly is no stranger to all of these categories, having worked for the law offices of Alexander, Corder and Shelley for six years. Kelly was in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office many times a week, and she describes it as “the hub of the court system.” For the past four years, she has worked for Synovus Mortgage, another job that carries a great deal of responsibility. Kelly feels that both experiences, as well as her role in the community, have prepared her well to step into this position.

Backing up a bit, Kelly is the daughter of Greg and Dianne McAlister and is a graduate of Athens High School. She attended UNA, Calhoun, and Athens State, and married her high school sweetheart, JP. They have two children, Sadie and Jack. Kelly has been involved in the community on a number of fronts. When in high school, she became part of the leadership/player team that helped Athens High win the softball championship. Kelly has been the co-chair for the Limestone Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program, has served on Athens Main Street and United Way. She is also a member of the Athena League. Near and dear to her heart is being a member of First Baptist Church in Athens, and teaching Sunday school to middle school girls.

What Kelly will dedicate herself to if she is elected is what she calls making sure that “every document and every dollar is handled with efficiency.” She also wants to utilize her experience working in a law firm to support Limestone County’s judicial and law enforcement systems in all that they do as it pertains to managing documents excellently. “My goal is to handle documents and payments in a timely manner, with honesty, security and integrity,” she said. More than anything, Kelly wants everyone who comes

into the office to “feel heard and cared for.” In addition, she wants to “open the doors of service” for the clerk’s office in appropriate ways that are within the purview of the office.

Kelly is fully aware that because our county is experiencing unprecedented growth, the increase in the demands upon the Circuit Court Clerk’s office has increased significantly as well. In a word, Kelly is ready and willing to be of service. “The opportunity to serve and the passion I feel for this place are not something I take lightly,” she told me.

Recently Kelly had an experience that served to provide her with a literal banner for her campaign, and it came from her daughter, Sadie. The family was out campaigning with the kids tucked close by within a safe line of sight. “We were just about popsicles, and when I got back into the car Sadie gave me what she had been working on.” It was Sadie’s version of Kelly’s campaign “yard sign,” and as only a five-year old can create, it had the perfect “call to action.” It simply says, “Kelly Davis Limestone County Circuit Court Clerk.” Kelly said further, “It served as a special reminder of one of the big reasons that I want to serve. This community is our home. I want to continue to see it prosper and be the absolute best place that it can be now and for generations to come.”

If this kind of approach is what you are looking for as part of the leadership of Limestone County, then vote for Kelly Davis on March 5.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner