“V” Is For Vision

By: D. A. Slinkard

We have come to the letter “V” in our series and the word is “vision.” I am convinced that the difference between people who succeed and those who do not comes down to those who have a vision for their life and those who do not. My go-to book for living my life is the King James Bible and I am reminded of Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

We have many people living their life like they are a ship without a rudder. They are constantly drifting each day of their life and are being tossed about with no constant direction for their life. Most often when people fail in life it is because they did not have the proper vision needed to succeed. What does your vision look like for your life?

Are you thriving or are you barely surviving? The Bible tells us that the people with no vision will perish. If you are getting bad results in your life, maybe it is time you are honest with yourself about the vision for your life. There are times I must go back to the drawing board and ensure my vision is correct. Have you done this lately?

Often, I think about the vision I have for my life, and I think about who I am and who I want to be. Therefore, I believe it to be utterly important that we write our goals down twice daily. The more we see our goals, the more we become focused on achieving those goals. When we know what we want to achieve, we are more apt to take the necessary steps to obtain our desired results. If you have not been doing so, start today and commit to writing your goals down twice daily. Otherwise, they are mere dreams that will not be fulfilled.

The problem is in our inability to be disciplined to write down our goals, and the other problem is in our clarity. We lack a true vision or understanding of what we need to do to accomplish our goals in life. We plan for the best-case scenario when we should plan for the struggles in life. Our way of life has changed drastically, and this has clouded our vision. Two hundred years ago people went to work so they could survive. There was the concern of where the next meal would come from. Now, we go to work so we can buy bigger and better toys. Many of us do not even think about where our next meal will come from.

Our world is evolving but the one thing that does not change is God’s Word; yet we have changed the value system of what God’s Word means to us. I can remember being a kid and businesses were shut down on Sunday as everyone was at church. What has happened? Our vision has changed.

People talk about our country going to hell in a handbasket, and I believe it is because we no longer fear God. The vision of what God expects from us is not the same vision we expect for our lives. Too many people go to work to be able to enjoy the few short years after retirement when they should be thinking about how they can live for God. If we are to please God, we need to have the proper vision for our lives to successfully be pleasing and honoring to God Almighty.

Sadly, this is not a popular message because of what our culture has taught us. The world has changed our views on the expectations of God, and this has changed our vision. We need to redefine our definition of success and refocus our vision. If we revisit our goals and refocus on our vision, we can make a change in our lives. The choice is ours to make, but we must first make the decision for the change to occur.

After the decision is made, then it is time to clarify what we want to see happen. I love beginning with the end in mind and then working backwards. If you know what you want to achieve, it will make it easier to backtrace the necessary steps to achieve your goals. The biggest problem is too many people do not know where they want to go with their lives. Figure this out, get the vision, map out the steps, and then achieve it. However, you must first have the vision in mind.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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