Timelines…We Only Get One!

By: Jackie Warner

I think about this year, 2023, and what it meant to me. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, I do believe what my grandparents would always say – Time goes so fast!

The year 2023 came in and said hello and then flew out the door with a fast, “I don’t have time to sit down,” and started walking out the door! Just like that, December is here, and what did we gain and what did we lose? I look over my life this year and reflect on some beautiful gains…seeing both of my daughters graduate from college! A proud and thankful mom I truly am. But, more thankful to see they both still served our living God during their time while on their prospective college campuses. I also started going back to the gym, which has helped me spiritually, physically, and mentally. I completed a few major projects around the house, but still have so much more to do!

Now I share some beautiful losses this year! My dear friend of 28 years started the year 2023 with faithfulness and gratitude, and both always bubbled over into the lives of her circle. Thanks be to God I was in her circle. I was put on her timeline and she was on mine. Her illness was diagnosed years earlier but she was a fighter with faith. And through faith in HIM, she continued her daily walk and always would say it is in the Lord’s hand so she was going to live until He had the final welcome home for her. I am thankful for the 28 years of friendship, advice, check-ins, and intentional love! I miss her dearly, but I have beautiful gains from our time together. Cherish what you are given because time really flies, and there is no way to catch it.

Embrace the moments, opportunities, and relationships on your timeline!

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season and a beautiful new year!

By: Jackie Warner