Time For Discipline

By: Roy P. Williams

Please allow me to start this article with a fairly well-known saying, “In every bad thing that happens, there is the seed of an equivalent or greater asset.” Sometimes it is all in how you look at the situation. You may start by looking at all your options along with the pros and cons you can expect for each possible option you might decide to take. Yes, bad things happen to everyone but some people seem to come out shining, while others freeze up and become depressed.

Christmas is just around the corner and our nation’s economy is in a shambles. Interest rates are the highest since the seventies, gas is over three dollars a gallon, energy costs is causing utility bills to increase, food prices are up, house payments are rising, and rent is becoming unbearable for many. Now would be the time to remember the statement at the beginning of this article, “For every bad thing that happens, there is the seed of an equivalent or greater asset.”

Most of the things mentioned are totally out of our individual control, you might be thinking. Let me suggest, when bad things happen of which we have no control, the asset may be as simple as recognizing it as a learning experience. The fact is that if we learn from each experience, we are preparing ourselves to better handle the future, and that is where I am going with this information.

Yes, we as a nation of citizens are in trying times. How we handle it can make a huge difference in our futures. As fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, we love to make Christmas a special time of year for our children and grandchildren. Recognizing that what is happening in our nation is the result of some really bad decisions by the leadership in office, we must decide on the best course of action each of us can take.

Back in the fifties and sixties, as a child, my parents explained that they grew up during the depression and they hardly had enough to eat. At Christmas, they explained how thankful they were to get an apple, some nuts, and one toy for Christmas. They learned a very valuable lesson — that when times are tough, you lived a more disciplined lifestyle.

In times such as these, we must choose to make some difficult decisions. For instance, it may be time to tighten our belt, as the old saying goes. Be truthful with yourself and take a look at what you can really afford to spend this Christmas. Then be truthful with your children and grandchildren, especially those five years and older. Trust me, the sooner you teach these things to your children, the greater impact it will have on them. This can be an ideal time to teach those who are mature enough how the economy is affecting your budget. Let them know that this is a real-life situation, one they may very well experience in their own lives. Also teach them that it is not necessarily important what happens in life, but what is important is how you decide to handle the situation.

Explain that as a result of food, gas, utilities,  and so on costing more, we all have to adjust by spending less. That may mean that instead of you (the child) getting an expensive cell phone for Christmas, you may have to take a less expensive one. Be sure to show them how it is affecting your life as well. You might show them that you wanted a brand new car, but due to these circumstances you are going to drive your old one for another year.

It is also very important that we are honest with our children, making it clear that sometimes things happen that are out of our personal control. Also, if they ask, be truthful about what is happening with our economy and that the people in power have let us down, so we are going to make sure to replace them during the next election with more responsible people.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams