Talk Women’s Sports

By: Adam Dodson

Athens High School’s Kinley Hargrove decides to make a difference by being the difference.

Some people talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

Others love to talk about it, but refuse to ever be about it.

Some people are all bark with no bite, while others have plenty of bite to back up their words.

Lastly, since I began 256 Sports Radio, plenty of people have asked for my time and advice for getting their own podcasts started; however, only one person alone has actually followed through with it.

Meet Kinley Hargrove – a multi-sport athlete at AHS, whose leadership and character are far beyond the inbound lines of a basketball court or soccer pitch.

She is the rare example of someone walking the walk.

Fortunately for the 256, she also talks the talk in abundance – as her Talk Women’s Sports podcast and platform continues to grow in notoriety at an exponential pace.

Beginning earlier this spring semester, the Athens athletics standout decided to be the change she wanted to see.

While we at 256 Sports Radio certainly enjoy going the extra mile to highlight the incredible female athletes of the area, we are not a platform that only focuses on women’s sports.

Kinley’s platform is her vision brought into the world. She saw way more than a void, but rather a need for someone to step up and cover women athletes along with their successes and struggles alike. She views it as a handy resource to help other female athletes who may be experiencing similar paths in their athletic journey.

She can write, she can interview, she can book guests, and she can edit her video podcast episodes with very little help, but is never too proud to ask for it. She is self-reliant, and also very appreciative of support all the same.

While we at 256 Sports Radio love providing female athletes a platform, I am not a female athlete who can relate to many of them on the personal level Kinley can – having another advantage of being similar in age as a way she can provide perspective while also hearing their own viewpoints.

She updated us with her growth, and the happiness she gets from promoting female athletes’ journeys.

“I love getting to talk with them, all of what they say is good, and I hate to cut any of it out,” Kinley said.

She saw the need, and addressed it herself. Now, the community has her back, and is very thankful for the support – which includes a recent television interview with one of the local networks based out of Huntsville

While she is a multi-time guest of my show, and I am overjoyed to continue supporting her initiative, she is also someone who does not need my advice, nor my help, as she is thriving all on her own.

That was proven when an unfortunate death in my family had to naturally take precedent over my work. This resulted in a pause of the mutual agreement Kinley and I have for collaborating on weekly coverage of the standout female athletes and coaches of the northern Alabama area, known as “256 Women’s Athletics” which is broadcast on WKAC and Spotify.

She didn’t skip a beat – proving something I already knew: That she is one of the same “confidant women” as she has previously described the Athens High female coaches she views as role models. This includes the two coaches of Kinley’s two sports – Capriee Tucker for basketball and Chelsea Hurst for soccer.

“I was happy that my coaches were included In the TV interview. They said they were proud of me. I wasn’t on the court; I wasn’t on the field – yet they say they’re proud of me and that really means a lot,” Kinley said.

Keep up the good work, Kinley!

For those interested in supporting Kinley Hargrove and “Talk Women’s Sports,” they can be found on their website at, on Spotify at “Talk Women’s Sports,” on Instagram at “@TalkWomensSports,” on Facebook at “Talk Women’s Sports,” and on Twitter at “@talkWsports.”

– Adam Dodson is the founder, host, producer, and editor of 256 Sports Radio. Find us on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram by searching for “256 Sports Radio.”

By: Adam Dodson – 256 Sports Radio