Sweep The Kitchen

By: Stephanie Reynolds

Hello, my fabulous Limestonians! In Louisiana, there is a fabulous pizza chain called Johnny’s. Their signature dish is “Sweep The Kitchen”—a pizza with a little bit of everything. It’s amazing. And they cut it into rectangles which makes it taste 37% better than in slices.

So instead of our normal, single ingredient article, we are going to “Sweep the Tourism Kitchen” and give y’all a look at what’s going on…

Our ‘Cations campaign is going strong — Thank you, everybody! So far we have released Everyday-cation (Making your days restful), Powerplay-cation (For you hockey fans), and Payday-cation (Makin’ it rain, baby) — a little something for everybody. We have two more coming out this week (any guesses as to what they will be?). Don’t forget to hit up our website and get the details for each one: www.visitathensal.com. And don’t forget to tag us and the places you visit on your social media for a chance to win the grand prize at the end of the campaign!

Is this real spring? False spring? Fool’s spring? No idea. BUT, I know that we are already organizing our spring calendar, including our April Walking Tours, and y’all seem to be chomping at the bit just as much we are for them. The walking tours are every Saturday in April and will cover a specific district in our amazing Athens. The first will be the Houston Library district, and the library will be open. The tours are free and more information will be released on our Facebook, Instagram, and web pages.

Speaking of spring, let’s talk trails: Now, I am a trail girl—give me a pack, a snack, and a long way back, and I am a happy little penguin. My current fav is the Richard Martin Trail because it’s close to my house. But we also have the Wellness Park Walking Trail, the Swan Creek Trail, and so many others!

But I know not everyone is outdoorsy, and that is awesome, too. Everyone is so wonderfully and beautifully created, amen? We have so many indoor/car trails like the Hallelujah Trail, the Antique Trail, the African American Heritage Trail, Alabama Civil Rights Trail, Antebellum Trail, Glory Road Trail, and more! Pick a trail this weekend and get out and see the sights! Then tag me in your pictures! I wanna see you enjoy our area!

You asked, we answered: Our downstairs room is now available for shorter, 2-hour rentals during the week! This is great for hobby clubs, off-site business training, entrepreneurs who don’t want to bring clients to their house, church groups, homeschool clinics or testing, and more! It is only $50 for 2 hours between the hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you want to see the room, stop by. As long as no one is in there, you are welcome to tour it and see how fabulously it will fit your needs (Honestly, it is SUCH a pretty room and opens out onto a patio with the pond and playground right there!)

Lastly, I am very honored to start working toward Accessibility Tourism Advocate certifications. Our tourists AND local citizens with autism, temporary or long term impairments, even simply reduced mobility from age or injury, deserve a chance to enjoy their lives, vacations, and free time in new places and comfortable ways. If you have specific ideas or concerns, PLEASE let me know—I am eager to dive deep into this aspect of tourism and learn all I can. What are YOUR needs? What do YOU need to know? Call me, come in, or email me. Let me know what I can focus on for YOU and your family.

That’s it, fam! The kitchen is swept, the calendar is filling up, spring is in the air, and I am excited to get this party started!

By: Stephanie Reynolds, Athens-Limestone Tourism Association