Steve’s Corner: Making Progress?

By: Steve Leland

Sometimes in this life it just doesn’t seem like we are getting anywhere. Day after day we slog towards those things that we desire. But, like the end of a rainbow, it feels like they slip into the distance at about the same speed that we are moving.

I am reminded of what I read about the pioneers crossing the prairie and finally seeing the mountains in the distance. At 15-20 miles per day in their wagons pulled by oxen, it was very discouraging to not see those mountains appreciably closer at the end of a long dusty day of trudging, or jolting along on a hard wooden bench seat. They just hung out there in the distance, day after day.

With my less than patient attitude, I often want life to more resemble a drag race. Tromp on the gas, dump the clutch, smoke the tires, and let’s go! 0-60 in seconds. Why cannot we achieve a reasonable three days progress in about one day?

But then I get reminded, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Yeah, every day has its own share of evil. How often could you compress the problems allocated to three days into a single day before your hair catches fire and your head explodes? Maybe leaving well enough alone isn’t that bad of a plan.

Setbacks are a part of life. Wanting them not to exist is reasonable, but pretending that they shouldn’t exist is not rational. We enjoy the blessings that we are surrounded with because the people that preceded us soldiered through the setbacks that they experienced.

Set your face like flint and keep heading in the right direction. It’s gonna be all right.

By: Steve Leland