Standing Together, Alone

By: Steve Leland

We stand together, alone.

No, this is not about my politics.

It’s not even about your politics, unless you want it to be.

It’s a phrase that I heard a while back, and it struck me.

We humans are interesting. We cherish our independence while enjoying being part of a group. Generally, multiple groups.

We may think of ourselves as loners, but with few exceptions, we aren’t. Even those who truly isolate themselves from the rest of society proudly belong to the group that was independent enough and had the strength to do it — even if they don’t know any others who are part of that particular club.

What flags are flying from the flagpoles at the top of your personal hill? Which groups do you represent? How much do they mean to you? Are you willing to fight for any of them? Sacrifice for them? Or are they just associations of convenience? If trouble came, would you just fade into the background? Slip out the back, Jack? Make a new plan, Stan?

Who and what you stand for defines you, and gives your life purpose.

Each one of us has to stand alone, but we know that we represent, and are strengthened by, others with our same vision.

The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Stand, my friends, stand.

By: Steve Leland