Space For What’s Important: Navigate A Neater Car

By: Sonya Fehér

Get on the road to organization by decluttering and organizing your vehicle. Organizing your car is a great project to give you a quick win, a much more functional space, and to build your organizing muscles for tackling bigger projects.

The first crucial step in organizing your car is to completely empty it. While it might seem tempting to skip this step, things just don’t get organized when you’re looking at one thing at a time and trying to declutter and rearrange. Clearing your car enables you to organize based on how much space you need and where you actually need those particular things.

When you’re removing items from the car, put them in category piles so that you can see all you have of each type of thing. Being able to assess one category at a time makes it easier to let go of items when you see you have more than enough and helps you plan the storage needed for each category.

Car categories might include:

· Glove compartment items including owner’s manual, proof of insurance, tire pressure gauge, car repair receipts, and a flashlight.

· Vehicle maintenance and emergency supplies including jumper cables, tire jacks, flares, first aid kits, etc.

· Electronic devices might include charging cables, phone mounts, adaptors, media players, and the like.

· Entertainment on-the-go with magazines, books, and games for passengers.

· Personal care items including tissue, hand sanitizer, lotion, make-up, wet wipes, or medicine.

· Reusable grocery and other shopping bags.

· Car kitchen items napkins, plasticware, salt and ketchup packets, and more.

· Work-related materials like a laptop, files, or tools.

· Kids’ items might include toys, coloring books, snacks, and on-the-go items.

· Activity bags for the gym, pool, sports, hobbies, playgroups, or other grouped items that you need outside of the house.

· Pet supplies including a leash, water bowl, waste bags, and toys.

· Comfort items like lumbar support pillows or a blanket.

· Outdoor provisions with umbrella, sunglasses, a hat, gloves, or other clothing.

· Anything specific to you or your lifestyle.

Beyond items you actually want to carry in your vehicle, you may find all sorts of things you’ve left there but don’t want to make space for. These might include trash, packaging, toys, store returns, and so very many things. Trash them, donate them, or put them where they actually live in your house or garage, or otherwise return them to the people and places they go.

Taking everything out of your vehicle offers an excellent opportunity to clean it thoroughly. Whether you choose to do it yourself or have it professionally detailed, vacuuming the upholstery, cleaning the floor mats, and wiping down the doors and dashboard are much easier when the car is empty

With the items that you want to put back in the car, think about who needs to reach them and where. Use the built-in car storage including pockets in the doors and behind the seats, glove compartment, middle consoles, and more. You might also choose to add storage solutions like bins, trunk organizers, a car trash can, and other containers that will help you keep everything tidy and easily accessible.

To maintain a clutter-free car, make it a habit to regularly take things inside your home, conduct daily or weekly cleanouts, and schedule seasonal organizing sessions as recurring appointments on your calendar.

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By: Sonya Fehér Organizer, Coach, Author, & Speaker