Space For What’s Important: Making Room For A Fuller Life

By: Sonya Fehér

Welcome to “Space For What’s Important,” a column dedicated to helping you conquer clutter, overcome the overwhelming, and reclaim your space, time, and life. According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, eliminating clutter can rid you of 40 percent of housework in the average home. Imagine the possibilities – more time for meaningful connections, healthier meals in a clutter-free kitchen, and the energy to engage in activities you love.

Perhaps your struggles with organization began in the house where you grew up, when you moved out on your own, or it escalated with the responsibilities of work and kids. Whether you’ve battled lifelong disorganization or are tired of living amid chaos, I empathize with the frustrations you face. Running late, forgetting items, not being able to have people over, and dealing with the consequences of disorganization can take a toll. Whether your disorganization reveals itself through dump zones, shame piles, wasted time or money, self-blame, or an earnest desire for change, I’ve got your back.

I intimately understand the struggle because I’ve been there. Convinced I just wasn’t an organized person and never could be, I hit a breaking point fifteen years ago while navigating the chaos of raising a toddler. The clutter and disorganization made it impossible for me to function, and it was standing in the way of being the mom and the person I wanted to be.

Despite attempts with various organizing methods, nothing seemed tailored to my reality as a piler who alternated between needing to see things to remember to do them or being overwhelmed by the visual chaos and needing things to be out of sight. So, I took matters into my own hands. Over two years, I crafted systems that worked for who I actually was, not my fantasy perfect self. Believe it or not, I got to the point where I could tidy up any room in fifteen minutes or less. Even my toddler, then four years old, could contribute. It changed my life in ways I had only dreamed of before.

This transformation sparked a business idea when someone in a group I facilitated sought organizing help. I could confidently say, “I’m great at organizing. Hire me!” She did and my business, spaceWise Organizing, was born. Now, with over a decade of experience and recognition as one of Austin’s Best Home Organizers every year since 2017, I’ve accumulated 4000+ hours of in-person organizing expertise.

My approach focuses on helping individuals organize for who they are, rather than trying to change themselves to fit a system. And I’m here to help you too. In each column, I’ll share practical tips drawn from my real-world experiences, to help you declutter and organize your home, time, and life to make space for what’s important.

I invite you to be part of the conversation. Submit your questions for troubleshooting specific areas, seeking storage solution recommendations, or exploring how to work with yourself to have the life you want. Email your inquiries to, and I’ll address them in future columns. Your journey to a clutter-free and fulfilling life starts here!

By: Sonya Fehér

Organizer, Coach, Author, & Speaker