Show Up And Stay A Little While — With YOU!

By: Jackie Warner

I was listening to an interview the other day and one of the things that stayed with me was a statement Tabitha Brown shared: “Show up for yourself first!” In life we show up for everyone and everything but tend to forget about showing up for self.

In 2023, I challenge each of us to set boundaries and establish more balance in our lives spiritually, mentally and physically!

  • Laugh, cry…smile. Be present
  • Commit time for yourself.
  • Do a self-audit of your time, money and energy—where is it going?
  • Rest. Have fun, exercise, travel — do something that is just for you, not for work, not for school or for your family and friends. Just for you.
  • Acknowledge your emotions: Let yourself feel it. It is okay to be in your moments!
  • Forgive yourself!
  • Move and nourish your whole body.

*   Our body does so much for us. It is our temple. Add water, rest, and goodness…

  • Stop worrying over the things and people you cannot control

*   Pray and release it to God!

Showing up for yourself is not a destination. It’s a determined journey to choose yourself.

It is the foundation of self-love.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”– Oscar Wilde

By: Jackie Warner, Community
Outreach Specialist
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