Reap What You Sow

By: Lana Woody

If you look at beginnings, as far as things growing, one thing is for sure, they start as a seed. A seed is the tiny threshold of what is to come. A thought is very similar to a seed, metaphorically speaking. This is where faith the size of a mustard seed stems from. From such a tiny, humble start, massive and elaborate masterpieces can grow. What are you growing?

Are your thoughts, from which your life was created, from good ones. Do you have the freedom to choose whatever you choose to worship? Are you bearing good fruit? Not to be cliché and quote from the Bible, but it clearly states if a limb is not bearing good fruit, prune it off. When is the last time you purged or pruned rotten fruit so fresh fruit can ripen? Our ghosts in the attic or the cobwebs in the corner of our minds could be stopping us from having healthy thoughts and a healthy brain.

If you believe thoughts become things, then you know that you can rise up out of your environment. Instead of becoming a product of your environment, you become the strength of the lessons your environment provides. Much of this is independent of positive influence or impact.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment, using water crystals being prayed over or being exposed to classical music as opposed to heavy metal music and hateful thoughts. The positive influence of these frequencies is very apparent in these examples as the crystals are pristine where prayer and positive affirmations where used, as opposed to malformed and deconstructed where negative thoughts where present. Yet a lot of experience is internal, and that is why positive affirmations need to be internalized. When you can change your internal conversation while picturing more positive outcomes, then the situation and your internal view of yourself can create healthier results. In the movies, they call it diverging, in real life you could call it being versatile.

Not allowing or even entertaining other negative viewpoints lessens the possibility of them becoming a disturbing element. Changing the subject, and choosing to view the encounter differently allows for the same situation to have a positive outcome rather than a negative one. How is that possible, you ask? Because, one situation not deviated from produces different outcomes, depending on how the problem is handled. The ball is in our court, every interaction is an opportunity to rise up, be happy, and experience joy, or you can experience the later.

Always think of the vibe, the feel, the energy of the moment, the person, or the place. Put your energy toward beneficial, empowering, motivating things and you will naturally be blessed. Pick supplements that heal you on a cellular level rather than synthetic drugs that keep you dependent and you will be infinitely blessed. Find an alternative solution to a problem that could be solved, from a cold and negative standpoint, and solve it from a non-traditional perspective.

Taking the right supplements is so important, but always remember to keep the end result in mind. Take an approach that allows for the right mindset, the right herbs and natural medicines, and exercise that is building your physical body and improving your overall appearance, health, and attitude. Who wouldn’t want to feel better?

If you do not feel good about a situation, then ask yourself what you can do to change that. What steps can you take to set yourself on the right journey, to feel better, to have more confidence? Be an active participant in your life, stand up for yourself and your right to be healthy — physically, mentally, and spiritually. To the fullest, above all other experiences, pick the experience that is of the highest frequency, and that feels the best spiritually. Transcend away from the need to feel painful victimizing experiences and grab onto to the trolley strap, and go with the natural flow which is to keep going and growing toward worthwhile goals. It is unnatural to stop, when in pain, and watch as others live their lives happily.

The best way to accomplish your goals in life is to believe that you can; when you fall, get back up and learn from the failure. Fail your way to success, learning from adversity and adjusting your strategy and approach accordingly. Find new and beneficial ways to heal your aches and pains, stay positive, stay grounded, gravitate towards like mindedness, and stay open to better ways to accomplish your tasks. Always give back in prayer, thanks, and meditation for all the blessings the Lord is so gracious to bestow upon you!

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Your friend in health,

Lana Woody