“Q” Is For Quality

By: D. A. Slinkard

We are now to letter “Q” in the “ABCs of Slinkard on Success” and our word is “Quality.” It seems too often people want to focus in on quantity and make it all about the numbers while forgetting the importance of what quality can provide. Quality changes results. The higher the quality, the better the results. The higher the quality, the better life becomes. We can all benefit from this word, and we need to focus on becoming quality focused.

I believe that for us to improve our lives, we need to have a better comprehension of what words mean. The definition of quality is: “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.” Ultimately, this word will have different meanings to different people. What I deem to be high quality might be perceived as low quality by someone else. Others may be willing to spend more money on a particular product all because they perceive the quality to be better.

The choice is up to everyone to make, but I believe for people to make changes in their life, they must first see the need to change their life. It is a reality that some people feel they are just fine with where they are financially, socially, and economically. They have no desire nor zeal to improve their current situation while others are constantly seeking ways to improve their lives.

I believe those people who have no desire to change their current situation are the ones who could potentially use the change the most. I think it is important to point out that sometimes it is not that people do not want to change their current situation, but they feel as if they are unable to make changes to their current situation. This is the wrong way of thinking, and we need to realize that life is about the decisions we make.

When we make quality decisions, we are able to get quality results, or we get closer to obtaining the quality results. It will not always be easy to get what we want, but we need to focus on improving the choices we make. I believe anyone can change their life if they can just get the right momentum going in their life. I had a family member who seemingly made bad decision after bad decision, and it seemed as if life was always beating him down. His quality of life was low. Finally, one day he realized his lowliness in life was the direct result of the decisions he had made.

Quality is what we make of it. Life is what we make of it. To have a good quality of life is going to require us to work at it. We are responsible for what happens in our lives, and we must focus in on making better decisions to improve that around us. Making quality decisions is about building habits — and the better the habits, the better our lives become. There are characteristics or quality traits that are needed to make a positive impact in your life. What qualities are you needing to improve in your life?

We need to have the ability to place our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our words, under a microscope to be able to see if we are producing high-quality results or low-quality results. All these attributes contribute to what kind of person we will be. Will we be a highly productive member of society, or will we be a low, non-productive member of society? The choice is ours to make. What will we do?

We have a generation of people being groomed to believe they are the victim of the circumstances around them. We have a generation of people believing they are owed everything and entitled to anything they want. Their quality of life will be low, especially as we see the ideology of socialism creeping into our youth. Make no mistake about it, we live in the greatest society known to man with boundless opportunities and the quality of life can be there…if we so choose. Your life – good or bad – is up to you to make. What is stopping you right now from living the life you have always dreamed about? We, as individuals, set the standard for what we will accept and reject in life. The higher the quality that we focus on, the better results become, but the decisions are up to us to make.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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