Occupy Till I Come

By: Steve Leland

This statement was made by a nobleman in a parable that Yeshua taught his listeners.

The nobleman, prior to leaving on a trip, gave each of his ten servants a pound (which to my total shock was worth less than $20 in today’s currency) instructing them to occupy until he returned.

I have always seen “occupy” as it is used today, “to fill up time or space, reside in some type of abode, or hold an office.” So, I just pictured them hanging out, flipping their coins and thinking about what they could do to make some more. It seemed like the guy who hid his was doing a good job of protecting his lord’s money.

But that wasn’t the meaning of the Greek word that was translated “occupy.” It meant to be occupied, to be in business with that money, and work on producing an increase. So, the one who was protecting his coin was directly disobeying his master.

As I was mulling that over, I was struck with the thought we are to be occupying until our Lord Yeshua returns. We are His servants. Do we have the right to just be hanging out, entertaining ourselves until he returns? Or should we be about our Lord’s business? Whatever small ability we have, are we investing it for His Kingdom? Or is the best that we will be able to tell Him at the final accounting is that we played it safe, lived a good life, and stayed out of trouble?

If you are anything like me, that last statement would be hard to make with a straight face.

By: Steve Leland