Mindset Is Everything

By: Nick Thomas

The new year is here and it is time to get serious about what really makes a difference. We tend to focus on things such as the number on the scale, what size our clothes are, our job title, our physical abilities, our various possessions, and on the list goes… but the controlling factor of all this is often overlooked.  The mind is the key to ANYTHING you decide to do and the success or failure which follows. If the mind is not in a good state, there is a trickle effect which cannot be stopped. Your mindset is everything; it is the control center of life.

The real key to living a healthy life is maintaining a healthy and positive mindset. You can still attempt and even accomplish what you set out to do, but there will always be something that happens which affects the process or outcome in a negative way.

When you decide on a clean, all-natural, whole-food based approach to life you have to adjust your mind, not just what you are putting in your mouth. Yes, there is an education side to this when it comes to the actual food, but that is not what I am speaking of; I am talking about your emotions when it comes to food.

You cannot be successful in changing your eating lifestyle if you feel like it is torture. If you cringe at the thought of the healthy foods you need to be eating and feel like you are being punished by not eating the junk, then you will ultimately fail. No one will live in perpetual “torture” by choice, not to mention for the time you do stick to it you will be miserable and in a constant bad mood. The goal of weight loss may be achieved, but more than likely will not last and have some other negative cost in your life. Your mindset has to be thoughts of, “I am fueling my body so I can achieve my goals of feeling good and looking my best, not treating myself like a trash can, and therefore feeling and looking like one too.”

Does this mean that you will always be excited to eat your greens; absolutely not! But because you have your mind set on the ultimate goal, it is worth it, and therefore becomes a habit that rewards you far more than the moments of tasting cake and candy bars. The “cheat” no longer feels good because your mind knows you do not want to pay the consequences. The confidence and energy that eating well brings becomes far more valuable, so the mind is in a much more positive state which allows you to stay the course.

I also have to say that this applies to exercise as well! You cannot think of it as punishment and expect to make it a lasting part of your life. The mind has to know it is a positive part of living the life you desire.

Do not stress over a few extras here and there, life should be enjoyed, but remember your goals and remember what that healthy eating feels like. Maintain a positive mindset about food! Focus on the energy and confidence you have if you keep things under control, not to mention the wonderful feeling when all your clothes fit, or are too big! Keep all this in mind and you will have a fantastic start to a brand new year focused on positive mindset and an overall healthy lifestyle.

By: Nick Thomas

Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist