Living Your Best You!

By: Jackie Warner

Today is all about trends, fashion, and the latest looks on celebrity television. Yes, I like to shop just like most people do, but all those items are just our cover up. I was recently in a leadership meeting at work, and the question was asked “How do you want your leadership team to value what you bring to the table?” I thought about my answer and then shared with the group, “I desire my leadership team to authentically see me. As a leader, it is imperative to know who you have on the team and really get to know who they are so you tap into the inner core of what makes them an asset, and then allow them to thrive in that space.” In my conversation with you this month, I ask you to think about how you show up to your life. Are you just existing or are you living your best you?

I am reminded of words from Ruth Simons’ ministry, “Given a choice, I’d rather go to a faraway country than clean out my own pantry. I’d rather dig wells for other people, seeing progress and visible fruit, than work through math problems again with my child. Truth be told, sometimes I esteem the value of ministry to others over the often-unseen ministry within my own home.”

Her words are real and true. Often we step out of our own house and inner being for the sake of helping and doing for others, but have truly forgotten we will never get where we need to be without first “recognizing that our home is a mission field — equal to a remote land or culture.” Yes, the mission starts at home with self and family! When we recognize and tackle the work there, it provides real strength for the war out there.

God tells us in Jeremiah 31:25 that He satisfies the one who is weary and refreshes the faint. He is faithful to bring us through, to lift us up and restore hope and remove despair. Heaven cries out to us when we are hurting — “This way through” not “This way out”! By nature, our flesh looks for the exit sign instead of the entrance sign.

Set your heart and your eyes on Jesus. Without proper focus, we will never hit our target. Choose Faith instead of Fear! Jesus is your guide to finding and living your best you! Wishing you the best always.