Let It Go

By: Steve Leland

“Let go and let God” is a phrase from my past. It’s catchy, simplistic, and really hard to do when you have options. It is a lot easier when you are out of options, because at that point you don’t have anything that you can do.

Where the rubber met the road for us on this one was when we found that MANY things from our yard and shop had grown legs and walked away. One person was the sole perpetrator. At first there had been reasons given for things that had obviously been “borrowed.” But the excuses grew as to why they didn’t come back. Then suddenly all the tools disappeared. And I mean ALL! To top it off, there was a vehicle that had been lent and was being kept from us.

I am leaving many details out, but a man’s life and family were on the verge of being destroyed. I wouldn’t have given a plugged nickel for the value of his soul at that point. It appeared that he had already given it over to the dark side.

So we prayed. It was a sobering decision that had to be made. Let him walk all over us, or unleash the dogs of the law and watch him get taken down. There didn’t seem to be any middle ground.

In prayer, there came a Word from Yah: “Forgive, and let go.” Now, I have come to a point in my life where forgiveness isn’t that hard. It’s just one decision away. A simple choice. But letting go, that’s a horse of a different color. These are a man’s tools that we are talking about here. Did I let go adequately? Only Yah can judge that, but I know in my heart that I didn’t do it as cleanly as I could have.

Now here is the amazing part. The feller realized the error of his ways and has repented. The tools have been returning, albeit not as fast as I would like. The enemy hasn’t given up and the fight over his soul continues, but the Kingdom of Heaven now has a fighting chance.

Believe me, I’m not a man that gives up on his rights readily. But when Yah illuminates a specific path, it’s best to embrace it.

By: Steve Leland