Just Walk It Off

By: Lana Woody

The definition of pain is “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.” There are several types of pain, the two most common being acute and chronic. We all feel pain in many different ways. Some pain is permanent or chronic; some pain is temporary and no matter how much it hurts, it will subside. We even feel emotional pain that can cause us physical pain making our hearts hurt or our heads hurt. I think it is safe to say that pain is something that we all have in common. Everyone alive has experienced pain in some form or another. The interesting part about this is that pain is literally all in our heads. At least that is the first place we feel it. Our bodies do not register pain until our brain sends an impulse to it.

To say that we don’t feel pain would sound crazy because we all feel pain — we all have and we all will. To be completely pain free is impossible and it will never happen. It is a natural part of life. Something we have no choice but to deal with. Our brains are the real reason we feel pain. Our brain actually communicates every signal through our body’s circulatory system to the area of our body that is in pain. Pain receptors in our brain tell our body to feel the pain it is experiencing. This is the reason over-the-counter drugs are effective in killing pain.

Killing pain is what is killing us, for real. What we do to take the pain away is usually more harmful to us than the pain is long term. This applies to emotional pain as well. Many people seek an easier way out than taking the time to find out the source, or root cause, of the problem and fix it. Do you want to take the easy way out or do you want to find an alternative route? The problem with the easy way out is that eventually it stops working. When we mask the pain rather than deal with it, it only gets worse. Everyone has this problem too; we don’t even have time to be in pain with the rat race we live in today. There is so much pressure in society presently that some people even take their life because society has told them they are a failure. The truth is we are all worth something, we all have a reason to live and find a way to deal with the emotional and physical pain that is healthy. We are all good enough; it is what we do with it that defines us.

Being healthy is a big part of pain management. Remembering to take care of your mind and your brain is essential to pain relief. Taking care of the rest of your body is too. Even over the counter painkillers are hard on your liver. Anything synthetic is hard for your body to process and ends up stored in your liver. It also causes your body to be in more pain afterward. There are reasons sometimes it is absolutely necessary, but is harmful over periods of time.

Oddly enough, people who have pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, almost always have chronic inflammation, chronic pain, and arthritis. So taking care of our liver is just as important as the pain that we are dealing with. If you are struggling with chronic pain, taking the time to see a chiropractor and find out what supplements you can take that can support the rebuilding your body and help give you the relief that you need. Take the time to feel the pain and then do something about it. Find the best plan for you that works for you. If you ever have any questions about what supplements are right for you come into Herbs and More in Athens, NHC in Killen, or Reflections in Lawrenceburg TN, and get our free CDs on natural health, and other free information we have. We have knowledge and products such as Relief, MSM+C, and The Beemer for spot injury treatment that uses NASA technology, and a wide variety of supplements that support proper pain management. From the gurus of good health, remember to love thy neighbor as thyself. Try to turn the other cheek. Be kind, change the subject. Let yourself not be the reason someone else is in pain. Be the reason someone else feels good today not the latter.

By: Lana E. Woody