Josh Winn Of Bryant Bank: Unbeatable Service. Legendary Results SM

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Josh Winn, VP of Mortgage at Bryant Bank is an Athens native, an Athens High School as well as Alabama graduate, and is a member of the family that started Catfish Cabin. He grew up working in the iconic restaurant, and told me, “I did it all,” which of course means everything involved in running the place. Josh was planning on getting his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and then an accident occurred that changed the direction of his life. Two friends were killed, and he promised one of their families that he would finish his education and make his life count. He chose to get a degree in management/marketing instead of PharmD and graduated in 2006. He found that he loved marketing and numbers, then went to work with Wachovia. He was a credit manager, handled small loans, learned about mortgages, and endured the merger with Wells Fargo in 2008. He eventually became a retail branch manager.

Josh then oversaw and managed four PNC Bank branches in Tuscaloosa, and also worked for one of the online mortgage services, but the husband, dad, Athenian, and avid golfer had a longing to be a part of what can only be described as a “hometown bank that treats you like family.” When Bryant Bank opened up their new branch on the corner of Forrest and Hwy 31 in Athens, and asked him to join them, Josh knew he was home. “No other bank in the area has been more involved in our community,” Josh told me, and then added, “I wanted to be a part of that and ‘cement’ myself in Athens.” Josh started working at the Athens branch on October 16, and it is easy to tell he is happy in his work.

Bryant Bank began in Tuscaloosa for the purpose of exclusively serving Alabamians, and that is one of the many things Josh loves about his job at the Athens Branch. “I love the people I work with,” he said, and I knew he meant it.

Here is a bit of what Bryant Bank has to say about itself as to history, vision, mission, and commitment to customer care:

Bryant Bank opened its doors in 2005 under the leadership of Paul W. Bryant, Jr. who founded the bank and is still at the helm. It has branches in Tuscaloosa, NorthportBirminghamMountain BrookTrussvilleColumbianaHooverFoleyDaphneHuntsville, and Athens.

An emphasis on creating a workplace environment that makes going to work a joy, as well as being highly involved and visible in the community through giving back is part of their corporate culture. “Bryant Bankers,” the affectionate as well as professional name for people who work for Bryant Bank are known for how they “get in there and care” for the community in which their respective bank branch operates.


To share our financial knowledge and experience with fellow Alabamians so that families have the opportunity to get ahead, businesses grow, and our community thrives. Simply put, we care because Alabama is our home, too.


To see every Alabamian experience a financially stable future and live in a thriving community.


We put care into action to help Alabamians invest in their full potential.

The “care into action” core value is described further in more detail:

Bryant Bankers are real people with real emotions who care deeply for the people we encounter.  With every transaction or every interaction, or every phone call answered, we are on a mission to enrich the lives of our customers.  To do this, we promise to be present and always accessible, and will offer unbeatable service at all times.​ We are proud to be Alabama’s bank of the community, for the community, and will do everything with exceptional ethics and integrity in mind.  Bryant Bankers will always offer sound advice and honest evaluations and our relationships will be built based on trust and transparent communication.  Together, this will allow us to help Alabama build legendary communities.

I asked Josh why Bryant Bank should be my choice, when I have several financial institutions from which to choose in Athens-Limestone County. Here is what he told me: “First of all, we are Alabama. We know our clients, and we pay attention to them. From the first day, I have watched the people I work with go the extra mile. They were welcoming and helpful to me, and are the same for our clients. We want to do business in a fair way and serve our customers.”

If this sounds like that for which you have been searching, especially if you are wanting to finance your home through a proven community bank, than make an appointment today to work with Josh Winn, VP of Mortgage, but more importantly, a true “Bryant Banker.”

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner