Is Your Canine Groaning And Moaning With Age?

By: Joel Allen

Hello, folks! Today I am going to share ways to help your dogs to function better as they age.  Speaking from my experience, for my dogs, I use a lot of homeopathic remedies, and it sure helps with the vet bills.

My Ollie Girl is my elderly Dane, and believe it or not, she loves to play, and she still wrestles with the younger ones. I keep worrying that she is going to overexert herself, but she never does. She is over 10 years old, and for Danes, that is approaching senior citizen level very easily.  So, how do I keep her young? By her appearance, she is showing her age, but her energy has perked up quite a bit.

Over a year ago, Ollie Girl would get up in the morning and cry out in pain. If anyone knows anything about dogs, they can be in pain and not alert to it unless someone knows what to look for. But when they yelp or cry, they are in real pain and not discomfort. So, when Ollie Girl began to display this behavior and cry out, I became concerned and started to check her over. Her pain was coming from her joints and mainly her back. I started her on turmeric with curcumin, 1500mg. She gets one every meal in a pill pocket. Now let me explain why turmeric.  Turmeric helps fight inflammation in the joints and does not carry side effects that I am aware of. Within the first week, Ollie Girl was showing signs of improvement. The first day on turmeric, she seemed to be in less pain. Now she is pain free and playing like a puppy. I take turmeric myself for much the same reasons Ollie Girl does. The last few months, I also started my boy Woodrow (6+-year-old black Great Dane) on turmeric as a preventative for future arthritis.

The other supplement I give my girl is chlorophyll. This hidden treasure has ways of healing the body and helping prevent infections. I added this because I wanted to ensure her body stays healthy. Just a precaution, but I believe it is worth it.

Another supplement I give her is glucosamine with MSM, 1500mg, 2 pills each meal. Yes, she gets all of what I give her at each meal. Glucosamine has a way of lubing up the joints from what I have observed. I buy a bottle of the human grade and have a stone bowl with a crusher to powder the pills. I did not start her on glucosamine until this year. My theory, and it seems to hold merit, is this gives the turmeric a boost in assisting her to live and feel young. Here lately, I will hear a playful growl and look to find Ollie Girl shoving the younger ones around and taking their toys! Lol! If anyone could hear what goes on here at home, they would hear, “Now Ollie Girl! Slow down! You’re going to pull something!” My dad was surprised by her recently when he came by the house. She ran right up to him and leaned on him with a lot of energy.

So, folks, just a recap. I use turmeric with curcumin, 1500mg (1 pill each meal), chlorophyll, 100mg (1 pill each meal), and glucosamine with MSM, 1500mg (2 pills each meal). Also, if anyone tries this, take note and investigate what doses to give your dogs. I hope that this article was very helpful to many of my readers. Until next month…and don’t forget it’s planting season!

By: Joel Allen