If I Only Had A Brain

By: Lana Woody

“What did I do with my keys?” most everyone has asked before. In the midst of our chaotic days, sometimes important things slip through the cracks. When you’re, younger it’s not as important because you have your parents to remind you. But when you are the one responsible for a household, forgetting to put the trash out on trash day or what day your phone bill is due is a big deal.

So instead of feeling bad about yourself for forgetting a chore, you can take charge of your brain. By feeding our brain the right nutrients, we can supercharge our mind. Exercising in the morning, eating right, and taking supplements, more specifically brain supplements, are imperative to keeping a sharp mind. It is also important for the supplement to be able to break through the blood brain barrier. Caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol break the BBB but many of the nutrients we take never reach our most important organ, our brain.

The blood brain barrier is the semipermeable barrier of endothelia cells that prevent circulating toxins, pathogens, or solutes from crossing the extracellular fluid into the brain. Only water, oxygen, glucose, and certain lipid soluble substances can be diffused and enter the brain via the BBB. This allows for proper neuronal function in the brain and prevents harmful substances and pathogens capable of causing infections from entering the central nervous system.

To have proper brain function, we have to consider what causes brain fog and understand what nutrients can actually cross the blood brain barrier. There are vitamins and supplements that can break the blood brain barrier. Like vitamin B1, B12, B5 and B9 (folate), and vitamin c in oxidized form (not ascorbic acid). There are many amino acids like leucine and tyrosine that can be absorbed by the brain. One of the best that we carry is the Neuro Mag with L- Threonate. It can help improve brain function in as little as one dose. It supports memory, cognitive function, and overall brain health.

Taking a supplement that targets brain health is an important asset for optimal brain function. While eating properly, getting enough rest, training the mind through mind puzzles (the books or ones you download on your phone), meditation, and prayer are all beneficial for the brain, don’t forget to find one that the brain can fully utilize. We have other fantastic options such as gingko biloba, Prevagen, lion’s mane, and olive leaf extract but none of them cross the blood brain barrier. Taking one that does and then doubling up with another great supplement might be the perfect solution for you. MSM+C or Super Silica helps rebuild the body at a cellular level. They both support our bones, hair, skin, teeth and organs. They make the cells permeable and allow the mitochondria to rebuild and reproduce healthy cells throughout the body. They also help us maintain an alkaline environment, which may help prevent cancer cells by removing toxins.

Red ginseng is another amazing way to help boost your serotonin levels, increase natural energy, and improve your ability to focus so you can so you can be more productive. Red ginseng is also becoming well known for its ability to help stabilize your immune system, which is especially beneficial for those suffering from auto-immune disorders such as psoriasis, Crohn’s, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Many Americans have a fear of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders. We believe that the first step is to try to do all we can to prevent those disorders. There is nothing wrong with fighting back with some effective, all-natural and inexpensive supplements. All the supplements mentioned in this article have a long history of support for those wishing to maintain or improve brain function and health.

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With Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders at all time highs, doing something to support your brain only makes sense. Knowing what to do is our specialty. Our goal is and has always been to ‘Make America Healthy One Person At A Time.’ The only question left is — Will you be next to be healthy?

Your friend in health,

Lana Woody