His Ways Are Not Our Ways

By: Steve Leland

This column will have a bit of thought that is in common with my Let It Go column.

My point there was that my natural inclination was to handle the situation in a way that made the most sense from the standpoint of the law and, of course, my rights; without considering that Yah might not have those same priorities.

How often do we put Yah in a box when we pray for specific things to happen in people’s lives to get them out of a pickle that they have gotten themselves into? (Not that we would ever get in one.) The truth is that it’s so much better to pray that His will be done. Yes, it is very unimaginative, but His imagination is so much broader than ours. Remember what He said, that we see what is on the outside, but He sees the heart. That would include the heart of the matter.

Yah showed me one time that we are like little boys that are playing with toy soldiers. We set up a whole scenario about how we envision the “campaign” to take the ground could go. We have this group ready to flank that group, another group attacking and splitting the middle group, etc. A perfect plan, all it needs is Yah’s blessing.

With one sweep of his hand, He makes a pile of the whole bunch. Out comes the lower lip, “But whyyy? It was such a good plan!” Except that it wasn’t. Unseen by us humans, the enemy had created a trap. Destruction would have been the result of proceeding in the manner that we intended. He did create us; it’s probably best that we listen to Him.

Reading through the New Testament, we see healing after healing after healing. We see Yeshua honoring faith in healing. It’s easy to come to the belief that everyone who needs healing will be healed, that we just need to have faith and ask.

But Paul wanted a healing and didn’t receive one. Yah told him, “My Grace is sufficient for thee…”

Often I have wondered just why he wasn’t healed, but the reality is that because of this one single testimony by a man who was a mighty warrior, we know that Yah does not choose to heal every time.

On one prayer that I was making for a person’s healing, the answer that I got back was: Not at this time, because she is glorifying Me with her life in spite of the disabilities, and encouraging people to walk that would otherwise give up.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will (not mine) be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

By: Steve Leland