Heart To Heart

By: Deb Kitchenmaster

I quote a woman by the name of Kate McGahan: “I can feel your heartbeat. It’s the same as mine. I am part of you. Neither one alone but together we can strengthen the pulse of the world.”

In the book of Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for EVERYTHING you do flows from it.” God’s greatest command to us is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your entire mind.” Jesus said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

People, we are at a crucial time in history. We need each other, and we need to connect with each other just as you connect with a horse when you are riding. Unity with each other and unity with a horse releases a power that there are no words to express, but the experience says it all. And no one can take that from you whether people agree with you or not.

When we dismount from the rhythm of grace, our feet walk down various paths. When we travel down paths of righteousness, our heart is strengthened with joy, peace, and love. When we choose to disconnect from these paths, our hearts can become troubled, afraid, greedy, hard, and full of all kinds of unrighteousness.

We are witnessing a peaceful movement in Canada called FREEDOM CONVOY in protest to people’s CHOICES being taken away from them. Let us unify in prayer to God for their protection, provision, voices to be heard and understood, favor, and that light would shine bright in this darkness. After all our Creator’s first words were, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” Thank you.

Research show a horse’s heart rate variability (HRV) rhythms, although somewhat slower than human HRV rhythms, oscillate with a similar frequency range (0.01 to 0.4 Hz), indicating that the same instrument setting can be used to accurately measure HRV in both human and horses. Research also shows how people and animals affect each other. Dr. Rolin McCraty says, “It appears that there is a type of communication occurring between people above and beyond body language or verbal communication. I believe we’ll see in future research studies that we are affecting each other’s moods and attitudes both positively and negatively by the electromagnetic field we radiate.” Unity! Oneness! Together!

Electro probes connected to both human and pet showed that when the human petted/groomed and emotionally bonded, the heart of the person and the pet started to synchronize and then match each other. By monitoring the change in the heart rhythm patterns, emotions can readily be distinguished. When an emotion, such as sadness, fear, anger or frustration, is experienced, heart rhythms become more erratic and imbalanced. Joy, appreciation, and love produce ordered, balanced, heart rhythm patterns. Regular rhythms appeared in the human’s HRV when they were sending emotions of appreciation and care toward the horse. One research study showed that it does not matter if the horse already knew the human or not. The person’s HRV was more important than whether they had a relationship with the horse. That meant that when a horse interacted with an unknown human, the horse’s stress level was entirely dependent on the stress level of the human. Horses function in NOW time zone.

Consider the UNFORCED rhythms of God’s grace (for be grace you are saved, healed, delivered, and made whole). Guard your heart simply means to remain or abide in PEACE (Shalom). Know your frame (boundaries) and there remain.

Whether connected to a horse or not, the end result is to RECEIVE unconditional LOVE so that each time and every time becomes a defibrillator that jump starts the very core of your being (heart) into righteousness, truth, and a voice (not an echo) to be heard on this earth for such a time as this.


Your  “Neigh” – bor,

Deb Kitchenmaster