Healthy Aging

By: Roy Williams

Finally, it is possible to age and maintain health as we grow older. Isn’t it interesting that up until about 60 years ago, people only visited the doctor’s office when they were sick. Many of the population back then lived well into their eighties or even their nineties and didn’t take any medications. My and my wife’s grandparents are perfect examples. My wife’s grandmother lived to be ninety -nine and a half, and raised four children on her own, after her husband died of tuberculosis when she was in her forties. My grandmother lived to be ninety-six and the only treatment she had was for skin cancer, which was solved with a simple day surgery.

Today, Americans are encouraged to visit their doctor for everything from an annual physical to breast, prostate, and colon exams to blood pressure and blood sugar screening. Commercials on TV, radio, and newspaper encourage us to ask our doctor if this or that drug is right for us. They have drugs for everything from pain relief and depression to a multitude of vaccines for everything from flus to shingles.

Just two generations ago, almost none of this stuff existed, and yet much evidence is now appearing that those earlier generations not only lived on average just as long as we are now, but lived a much healthier and higher quality of life. Most of the older generation worked until they were in their seventies and were able to retire for another ten years of productive, enjoyable life.

My dad lived to the ripe old age of ninety-five taking only one blood pressure medication and the last five years a urine flow prescription. He retired at sixty-five and worked around his small farm throughout his life. Dad did slow down after ninety but seemed to enjoy life until the end.

What we are not taught by the medical profession and certainly not by the pharmaceutical industry is that many peoples in many other nations are living much longer lives than we are in America and do not even know what it means to retire. Of course, their lifestyle is much more active than most Americans and their diet is primarily grown in their own communities and sold fresh without all the preservatives and pesticides that we use here.

That lifestyle is basically gone in America and we probably aren’t going to switch back any time soon. So, I guess the question is, what can we do to age healthy with so many things stacked against us? Well, it is really not that complicated if we are willing to do our part.

Drink at least half a gallon of good clean water every day. After all, one of the very real issues in America is that we have decided that we don’t have to drink water. We are bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to drink anything but water. The number of people that have told me they don’t like water because it doesn’t taste good is staggering. Its time to face the fact that we live in a toxic world, and the solution to pollution is dilution. Its time to stop making excuses if you really would like to live a longer and healthier life.

Another fact that we must face is that eating healthy in America has become almost impossible. The lack of nutrition in the Standard American Diet is SAD. We consume the most food and we are the most malnourished nation on earth. That is why we are also the most diseased and pharmaceutically prescribed people on earth. You simply cannot age healthy without proper nutrition, and it is not in our food supply.

So, what is the answer to Healthy Aging in America. There is only one choice and that is to drink a half gallon of clean water every day and take the nutrients that are missing from our diet. And a great place to start is with the Healthy Aging Combo, which consist of MSM+C, Life’s Fortune, and pH Plus.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams