By: D. A. Slinkard

We have a society that is plagued by limiting beliefs and thoughts about ourselves. Too many people are indeed walking around thinking about how they cannot succeed. Too many people are walking around thinking about how they will fail. Too many people are walking around thinking about how they will mess up their next adventure. Too many people are walking around thinking about how they cannot do X, Y, and Z — and this truly is a plague on society.

We have a limiting belief feature that seems to be ingrained in us the older we get. When we are kids, we are told we can be anything we want to be, and the crazy thing is that most of us believe we can. Then the older we get, the limiting belief system starts to creep in and our lives become filled with doubt. We go from believing we can conquer the universe to believing we can barely get out of bed to survive the day. Have you thought about this transition before? We go from being the conqueror to being conquered literally in the span of less than twenty years.

Why? We allow limiting beliefs to take over and control our lives. We have got to learn how to control this. Too many of us are walking around expecting bad things to happen, and when they do happen – like they always do – we start focusing on the negative. To stop limiting beliefs, we must stop focusing on the negative and turn our attention away to the positive.

The next time something bad happens to you, your response needs to be, “GOOD.” So, you did not get the job you wanted – GOOD. Focus on getting the next job. So, you did not get the promotion at work – GOOD. Focus on your skillset to help you land the next promotion. So, you did not do as well on the test as you would like – GOOD. Focus on studying harder for the next test.

We need to realize that with all bad things, there is always going to be some kind of GOOD in every situation. However, we have been taught to only focus on the negative. We have learned to dwell in the realm of negativity, and we need to break the train of thought we have previously been using. When something bad happens, it is time we use this to our advantage.

We need to just say, “GOOD” — and learn to move on. We must stop dwelling on past failures. We must stop dwelling on past letdowns. We must turn our focus to what we can do better. Is this easy? Not at all, and if it were, then everyone would be doing it. Every day we have a choice to make – wake up and face the pain of discipline or wake up and face the pain of regret. Either way, the choice is ours to make, and we must do it daily.

When you choose the pain of discipline say, “GOOD. Now I am going to find where I can improve on my current situation.” This is how you make the changes in your life that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs that have previously been holding you back. We need to understand something – the “FUTURE you” is depending on the “PRESENT you” to keep doing the things the “PAST you” committed to.

When it comes to your efforts right now, would the FUTURE you tell you that you are doing a GREAT job and to keep it up or would the FUTURE you tell you it is time to get your act together? It is time to get moving and heading in the right direction. For the majority of people, their FUTURE you would tell them to stop holding back and that is what I am telling you now. It has been said that people have two lives, and the second life begins the moment we realize we only have one life.

It is time we stop making excuses and start living the only life that we have. We must live in the now and stop focusing on those limiting beliefs that have been holding us back. The next time something bad happens, you now know your response simply needs to be “GOOD.” Remember, there is good in every bad situation, but we just need to learn to find it and work on it to make an impact and improve our lives every single day.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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