Give Limestone County A Fresh Start: Elect Chris Carter As The New Sheriff

Chris Carter will tell you that when he began his law enforcement career at the Limestone County Correctional Facility in 1995. He was 21 years old and weighed 130 lbs. Essentially, he was locked up like the other inmates, except he got to go home at night. For two years he learned invaluable lessons with specific regard to effective communication and how to treat other human beings while in a difficult environment. People are already aware that in prison, everyone is in danger — those that are inmates, and those that are there to keep the peace. Chris is grateful for those two years because they prepared him for the next 23 years as a state trooper…and with your vote, the next sheriff of Limestone County, AL.

As a state trooper, he began his career right here in Limestone County in Highway Patrol. He served in various roles as a trooper, promoted through the ranks and retired as the Post Commander for the Highway Patrol in Huntsville. That meant that Chris was responsible for all aspects of what it takes to keep the department running smoothly. He supervised as many as 35 troopers in the three counties of Madison, Marshall, and Jackson. Prior to his appointment to post commander, he was in charge of the Drivers’ License Division in Madison, Marshall, Jackson, and DeKalb counties.

As post commander, he was responsible for scheduling staff, tracking work hours, budgeting overtime funds, reporting statistics, hiring new employees, disciplining employees, and establishing policy and procedures, among a multitude of other responsibilities. He was accountable to the counties he supervised as well as trooper headquarters in Montgomery. He was also the trooper liaison for the post with all the other law enforcement agencies throughout his district.

Chris was born in Athens and grew up in the Ardmore/Toney area. He graduated from Sparkman High and attended college at Calhoun and later University of Alabama in Huntsville. His wife, Jada, is from Clements. They currently live in East Limestone and have three kids. Their two younger children attend Limestone County public schools and their adult son lives in Dothan. They built their “forever home” in East Limestone six years ago. Chris and his family are active members of Capshaw Baptist Church. Since retirement, Chris began to expand a business he started 20 years ago and had no aspirations for a political career. When the former long-term sheriff was removed from office, a friend, who is also a state legislator, encouraged him to apply to the governor’s office for appointment as sheriff. After praying and conferring with friends and family, he applied but was not selected. Chris felt like the appointment process was mostly political. He also felt like politics should not be a factor in selection of a person to fill a job this big. Thus, Chris decided to run. He feels like the people of Limestone County want a new start — a new start with someone totally disconnected from the previous administration or Limestone County politics.

Here is some of what Chris says about himself:

In every supervisory job I have ever held, I earned my subordinates’ respect by my work ethic, my respect for them, and the attitude that I worked for them just as much as they worked for me. I believe in the team concept of leadership. No private should have to work any harder than the officer. I believe in
leadership by example. I heard a quote years ago that I have always tried to live by: the key to successful leadership is influence and not authority. Being a positive influence on someone is way more important that having authority over someone. 

If elected, Chris is dedicated to doing away with the “good ol’ boy” system. By this, he means people should be hired, appointed, and promoted based on their merit and nothing else. The sheriff should be a servant to all regardless of race, sex, political affiliations, wealth, or any other classification that might exist. Chris wants to create an agency free from waste and inefficiency and turn these savings into more deputies patrolling our streets. He also believes that transparency of agency funding and spending is of the utmost importance.

As we all know, illegal drugs and the crimes that they foster have affected everyone, Chris included. He has a family member that has struggled with addiction. Chris believes that the sheriff’s office should join forces with surrounding agencies in Drug Task Force type ventures that have already proven effective in our neighboring counties. Chris plans to work closely with the courts to reduce the “rotating door of addiction” and try to guide addicted people to the real help they need. Drug dealers are another matter entirely. Chris will work with the courts to keep drug dealers in jail and off our streets.

Chris is a strong supporter of life, liberty, the Constitution as founded, the 2nd Amendment, and protecting life. If elected, he would plan on having monthly meetings with the public that would be of a “town hall” format, as he believes that connection and communication with the public is vital if we are going to “go forward and grow forward.”

If this style of leadership and level of law enforcement experience are what you are looking for as the first newly-elected Limestone County sheriff in nearly 40 years, then vote for Chris Carter, a fresh start on May 24.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner