Enthusiasm Is The Key Ingredient

By: D. A. Slinkard

What does it take to achieve a higher level of success? I find myself toying with this idea repeatedly, trying to figure out how to raise the bar in my own life. I have noticed something many people lack is enthusiasm, and I passionately believe we have many people who go about everyday lacking what I consider a key ingredient to success. What would life be for these people if they could just show a little sense of enthusiasm daily? How different would their life be if they walked around with some pride in their stride?

I understand that overconfidence is a bad thing, but I am not talking about being cocky. I am talking about the number of people who have a nonchalant attitude in the life they are living. I am writing you now to let you in on a little secret – if you want to have success in life, act like you want it. Show some enthusiasm and fake it until you make it. It has been mentioned that if a person tells a lie repeatedly and with enough conviction, over time that lie will become the truth. This can also work in your favor if you choose to do so.

You may be asking what I mean by that and, for instance, I think about Jeff Hamm, owner of Champion Chevrolet. I will never forget him personally coaching me that when people ask how I am doing, to respond by saying, “Excellent.” He knew that if I repeatedly told people I was doing excellent, eventually that is exactly how I would feel. Jeff Hamm gave me this advice nearly seven years ago, and if you were to ask me tomorrow how I am doing, without a doubt I would tell you that I am excellent. Talk about changing my mood – how many times a day does someone ask you how you are doing? If you are like me, it is quite often; and the more you tell people with some enthusiasm how you are doing, the more likely this is going to transfer over into how you feel. Start telling others that you feel excellent.

Tell yourself you are a loser, and you will produce loser-like results. We become what we think, but many people are going around life feeling sorry for themselves. If this describes your mentality, you need to make a conscious effort right now to leave this behind you. Our thought process is more powerful in our lives than what we realize, yet too often we do not even give a second thought to what we are telling ourselves.

We easily get into our own heads, and we set limitations in our own lives because we communicate with the wrong kind of enthusiasm in our lives. Yes, you can communicate with the wrong kind of enthusiasm, and this is what hinders our society. What you put into your mind is what you are going to get out; this is known as “garbage in, garbage out.” How does a person achieve a higher level of success compared to others? It comes down to enthusiasm or personal confidence in knowing you can achieve what you want to in life.

Many people fail because they do not allow their mind to think much. We are taught from an early age we can be anything we want; but then the older we get, the more we start to limit how big we think. We end up self-sabotaging our own lives all because we are missing out on the key ingredient of positive enthusiasm in our daily lives. In what areas of your life have you found yourself growing cold? What areas are lacking the enthusiasm you once had? You can get it back again, but it will take some effort.

You did not lose your enthusiasm overnight, and you will not get it back overnight; but consistency will be key.  Make a continual effort each day and focus on becoming who you desire to be. Eventually, the enthusiasm will be at a level you never thought was possible. It is at this point you will be able to achieve things beyond your wildest dreams. I urge you to start with the same advice Jeff Hamm gave me, and the next time someone asks you how you are doing, just respond back with, “Excellent!”  Eventually, you will feel excellence in your life, and then others will want the same enthusiasm present in their life that you have in your own.

By: D. A. Slinkard

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