Elect Ben Harrison On May 24 As The AL District 2 State Representative

By: Libby McGaw

Ben Harrison is no stranger to North Alabama politics, and is well known for his conservative values and fiscal responsibility. He grew up on his family’s farm just outside the Owens community, and worked as an engineer and technical service manager before running for public office. Ben is married to Beth, and together they have four children and three grandchildren.

It was his love for his family and his community that originally got Ben involved in politics. “I really want to see our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities I had,” he said. That commitment to family values and public service is why he decided to run for State House. “It wasn’t a decision that I made lightly, but something that I am very excited about. I love this community, and would truly enjoy serving the people of District 2 if I am elected.”

Ben is a firm believer in the American dream, and the idea that government’s first priority should be serving the people: I may be old fashioned, but I think we need elected officials who believe in the Constitution and are willing to stand for the values of the people who elect them. I am a Christian and conservative who firmly believes in the vision of our founding fathers. People deserve to have their rights protected and their values defended, and that is exactly what I will do if elected to the State House.

Ben’s strong stand for the people of Alabama and his fiscal conservatism has already drawn some attention statewide. When the recent gas tax increase was proposed, he was one of the only elected officials in the state who went to Montgomery to argue for cutting wasteful spending instead of raising taxes. Standing up for the people of District 2 is something he plans to continue if he is elected.

Ben is concerned that the God-given Constitutionally guaranteed rights of all Americans are under assault, and is alarmed at the things we are seeing unfold in modern culture. He is dedicated to protecting our moral values, and also our medical freedoms. In a recent interview on WKAC, he mentioned that medical decisions should be made by individuals and their health care provider, and not by big government or the Biden administration.

Along with defending medical freedom, Ben is also passionate about protecting religious liberty and the right to bear arms. He is quick to say that most governmental issues can be solved by respecting individual liberty and encouraging a competitive free-market approach to spending. With that in mind, Ben is very supportive of a conservative approach to our economy. As a Donald Trump delegate, he is interested in building and maintaining what he calls a “business-friendly environment” that will keep taxes as low as possible, create jobs, and slow down inflation.

Ben makes it clear that there is a lot that he would like to accomplish for our community if elected to the State House, but that his number one goal would always be serving the people of District 2:

I am a proud Republican, and it’s important to me that our elected officials defend the fundamental values that the people of Alabama believe in. As your state representative I will stand for the right to life, traditional family values, responsible spending, and increasing government transparency.

As a father and grandfather, education is another issue that is incredibly important to me. I am invested in the future we are leaving for the next generation, and I want to protect our children so they can be successful in the years to come. Parents know what is best for their children, and I am committed to working with them and local teachers to help improve our education system. I believe we need to keep Critical Race Theory and Common Core out of our schools, and get back to teaching the basics.

As well as education, I would like to improve our infrastructure. As an engineer and former county commissioner, I understand the challenges facing our community first hand. Improving road conditions, access to high-speed internet, and solving growth related traffic congestion are three of my top infrastructure priorities.

Ben talks a lot about having the value of courage, walking in it, inspiring it, and having the amount needed to make a difference for all the people of North Alabama. If he is who you believe to be the best choice for the job, then vote for Ben Harrison on May 24.

By: Libby McGaw