Do A New Thing

By: Rosemary Stainbrook

A large proportion of Western society is in great need of the “spirit of creation.” The healthy growth of our social order is severely suppressed in multiple areas, including families, art, music, marketing, news, goods and services. The lack of original productions is due to an obsession with the failed ideas of the past, and if the vast majority of people do not expand their capacity for purposeful hardship, innovation will surely be hindered.

There is a serious need for members of any community to grow and mature. Much of the content of modern education and entertainment is absolutely saturated with opinions that tear an individual apart from the inside out. The actual purpose of such opinions is to divide one’s community, instead of strengthening it as a whole. When someone begins to isolate, the social structure grows weaker. We need each other’s ideas, assistance, and unique contributions. Without consistent healthy interactions, growth and creativity are eventually lost.

Everyone has a hunger to be seen as unique, special, or extraordinary. However, if there is a prevailing ideology that overindulges that hunger, the individual will easily become “full of themselves.”  An individual may very well be accepted in their community, but if the acceptance is not expressed exactly the way the individual conjured it in their mind, they will still feel ostracized. That is not the community’s error. When someone can’t accept another’s true kindness, their perception is tainted by their own personal ideology.

Truth is almost its own person. Someone can either have a relationship with it or not. A truth does not overshadow an individual’s identity, but it does supplement it — kind of like having a drink of pure water instead of a corn syrupy soda that is artificially flavored.

When it comes to the unhealthy growth of social isolation, women and girls are becoming more isolated than ever. Women and girls have truly become oppressed, and not in the way legacy media and entertainment portray. Teenage girls are making more friends online through social apps than they do with girls their age in their community, school, and religious groups. Teens do not recognize when they are being conditioned by an adult with an ideology or something more insidious. Young women eighteen and up are dating, getting married, and having children later and later. The lie that females have been told for decades is that they should act more like males (under-socialized, materialistic males at that) in order to have more fulfilling and entertaining life experiences. A Wharton School of Pennsylvania study found that there has been a consistent decline of female happiness since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Even though women have been encouraged to wait to marry and have children so they can have a satisfying career, what has happened is that their career prevents them from experiencing either. So, now women are being deprived of a husband and children, which isolates them even more.

As a result, the perpetuation of isolation of men from women has stunted the maturing of society. The current opinion is that the nuclear family is an outdated and failed idea, when in fact it is one of those truths someone can have a relationship with or not. The vast majority of males and females starting a healthy and secure family is the ideal, regardless of what the current culture tries to present. There is a level of understanding and awareness that does not evolve without having children. The lesson of cultivating a proper relationship with someone who is hopelessly dependent on you is the most valuable lesson you can learn. The world around an adult is completely reborn when they are endowed with their children’s awe with the world around them. The old things become new.

We see the lack of vision throughout culture. Movies are poor adaptations of comic books and remakes. Music is overly simplistic and usually sampled from other old songs. Brands are using retro-graphics from the ‘80s and ‘90s to lull the public into a false sense of comfort.

From a Christian world view, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he who keeps the law (truth) is happy.” Furthermore, we are commanded to “behold (perceive) a new thing,” and we are asked whether we will even be able to understand it. If you walk in truth, you will always have a creative vision.

Having children while in a relationship with timeless truth is by far the most creative thing an individual can do on this planet. What our children create with the purpose of sustaining truth will be families’ greatest achievements. The future innovations of our children will be priceless, and to hinder those interactions is a tragedy.

By: Rosemary Stainbrook