Back To Basics – Drink Water

By: Nick Thomas

Drinking water is not just important, it is vital to having a healthy, functioning body. Sometimes, the difference in actually incorporating something in daily life is in not just being told to do so, but having a true knowledge about the reasons behind it.

Drinking more water each day is something EVERYONE can do with ease for important overall health and body function. Simply, keep a bottle of water or favorite cup with ice water close by all day no matter where life goes. Even doing things like setting phone timers or writing target times on the bottles can make sure a good drinking pace is maintained through the day. A great goal is to drink about a gallon a day.

I believe it is knowledge that will truly fuel the desire to make drinking water part of daily life in a real way. Reaching for water instead of coffee, tea, energy drinks, or sodas is a key to true hydration. Plain old water is actually what really provides the energy needed when temptation comes calling to grab those other drinks. Water plays a vital role in fueling the muscles so they can perform at optimal level at all times, especially during exercise. If cramps have ever been an issue during a workout or while playing a sport, it was likely due to a lack of water intake that day. Avoiding painful muscle pulls and tears can even be traced back to good hydration.

Some of the less talked about but incredibly beneficial aspects of good hydration are things such as a boost in metabolism and even having more youthful, smooth skin. The ability to stay focused and concentrate on the tasks of the day are also rooted in getting a sufficient amount of water, not to mention keeping dehydration headaches at bay. The current state of society the past year makes any boost in the immune system a mega-positive, and water will do just that. Good hydration actually keeps all major organs functioning properly, which helps fight off all those very much unwanted germs.

When the appropriate amount of water is consumed for each body size and type, it maintains a better blood pressure. It also keeps digestion at a regular level preventing constipation and an overly acidic stomach, which can lead to things like heartburn and stomach ulcers. Drinking plenty of water also regulates the body’s fluid level which, if not maintained, could lead to kidney stones among other issues.

The body can go days without eating, but water is truly essential to life itself. Water consumption is the key to living your most healthy, fit life!

By: Nick Thomas

owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist