By: Debbie Kitchenmaster

The shedding blades, brushes, and clippers are in full motion. Horses are ‘letting go’ of their winter coats. Sunshine communicates to the horses to grow coats or to shed coats. The longer the hours of light in our 24-hour day, the less the horse has need of warmth that hair growth provides. The shorter days of light trigger horses to grow hair to keep them warm for seasonal change. I have a big YES to longer sunshining days. You too?

Last month’s article, “HORSEPOWER MEETS AUTHORITY,” opened doors of communication from our readers. Thank you everyone for reaching out by phone or email and the conversations that sprang forth.

Years ago, I was part of a team at a stable. There were three of us gals that partnered together to manage the barns, the training, and the grooming of the horses. On this day, the farrier was scheduled to come from out of state to tend to the horses. There were mares, geldings, and stallions that would be trimmed and shod by our well-known and trusted farrier. We all worked together.

A stallion was next in line. He was not cooperating; he was messing around, not paying attention to the handler, full of himself. “Deb, come, take this horse.” I did. Gentle, strong, and in the measure of authority, I took the lead. He stood calmly for the farrier. When I got the bill for my Morgan mare shoeing, there was a credit on it. He wrote, “Presence with stallion.” That’s what authority looks like. No certain equipment, no force — “BEING.” It’s important to note that when asked to come take the horse, the previous handler did not allow ego to get in her way of asking for help. The biggest enemy of a domesticated horse is the human ego. A sign of health is to ask for help. No one is better than another, we have no need to prove anything to anyone, and we certainly don’t compare or compete against anyone. Simply do the best you can in the moment, and don’t try to imagine what someone might think about you or the situation.

There are spheres of authority. What does that mean? It means boundaries or limits. God has given us each AUTHORITY, and like a muscle we develop it or not. What are some of our personal spheres? First, it would be self, then family, home, and business. No one else can govern your life as effectively as you. And no one can take authority away from you. We do not have control over other people, but we have spheres of authority through prayer, breaking strongholds, breaking off deception, and appealing to Heaven on their behalf. You can decree blessings and destiny over your children, even adult children. When I was in the barn tending horses, I had a God-given sphere of authority, which I exercised.

Psalm 115 reads, “…but the earth hath He given to the children of men.” Control of the earth has never been about power but about authority, the right to govern this earth is in our hands. The word given in the original language means to give an assignment. Isn’t that interesting? Children of men refers to Adam. God has assigned earth to men. Christ needs humans here on earth to release and exercise His authority. We have the God-given right to represent authority while power enforces.

Yes, there are different facets, spheres, and measures of authority and according to Romans 8, God’s children have full rights and benefits. The practical meaning of the manifestation of the sons of men that all creation is crying out for, simply means the fully mature child of God — one who is aware of their God-given authority, knowing His will and His ways, mature believers manifesting healing to the groaning earth.

Horses are true followers. Take the lead.

Your Neigh-bor.

By: Deb Kitchenmaster