Are Covid 19 Vaccines Altering Your Genetic Code?

By: John Horton

The answer may be, “Yes.”

People who are highly regarded experts seem to think that is a credible possibility, and people in positions of authority seem to be listening.

Here is a statement from Dr. Philip Buckhaults in his testimony before the South Carolina Senate regarding potential vaccine contamination and the ramifications: “It’s surprising that there’s any DNA in there, and you can kind of work out what it is and how it got there.” Buckhaults further said, “And I’m kind of alarmed about the possible consequences.”

Why would he be alarmed?

Let me put down two of his bullet points that he made for the senate members so we can try to find the answer to this question of why he is “alarmed”:

  • “The DNA could be the cause of the rare but serious side effects like death from cardiac arrest
  • “There is also a theoretical risk of future cancer…”

Buckhaults also says that in reference to his findings, “I am trying not to attribute to malice what could better be explained by incompetence.”

Let’s go back to his statement that you can listen to at this link:

“This DNA could have and likely will get integrated into the genomic DNA of the cells that got transfected with the vaccine mix…and it becomes a permanent fixture of the cells…where it will be in that cell and its progeny forever and ever-amen…so that is why I am alarmed by the presence of this DNA.”

Did your health care provider tell you that your child’s DNA could possibly be altered “forever” when you agreed to the shot? Are they telling you now? I just don’t recall any nurse saying, “Hon, I know there is a real risk of this child’s DNA being altered if he gets this vaccine, but can you please roll up your sleeve now?”Let me quote from a slide that Buckhaults has that shows the actual distribution of DNA fragments by size found in the Pfizer vaccine. (2 batches) “The pieces of DNA are small and likely to damage the human genome by integrating and becoming permanent mutations.”

The above is a quote directly from his presentation.

When you pulled up to get the COVID vaccination at your local pharmacy, did they say, “Thanks for doing the right thing and getting vaccinated; this stuff contains DNA that is likely to damage the human genome and cause permanent mutations?” Of course they didn’t! One reason is because they didn’t know that it contained DNA.You see, when Pfizer created the vaccine for testing purposes to gain FDA approval, they used a very carefully controlled and expensive method we shall refer to as “Process 1.” Later, Buckhaults surmises (based on strong evidence) that when they were creating the stuff they would put in your arms, they created it with another less expensive method called “Process 2.” This involved using genetically modified cells. This is according to Dr. Buckhaults’s opinion, anyhow, and those of several others across the world who have analyzed many different batches now.

I will let Dr. Buckhaults speak more to the results of using “Process 2”:

“All the little DNA pieces are not supposed to be there, they were not part of the sales pitch or the marketing campaign…and they are there, and there are a lot of them. In my opinion, somebody should go about and sample the DNA of those who were vaccinated to see if this theoretical risk has happened.”

The upshot is that I just don’t see how any reasoning person can avoid the conclusion that Dr. Buckhaults believes; that due to these vaccinations, there is a genuine possibility that your genetic code has been tampered with if you took the vaccine. If you doubt that, just go back and read his words again.

As of the writing of this article, the CDC is still recommending that many take the latest vaccine.

You may be fine and dandy with that. That is your choice. As for me, I believe that God alone has the legitimate authority to alter my DNA.

If what is in this article disturbs you, as it did Dr. Buckhaults, you may say, “What can I do?” I would say that the first thing is to make sure I accurately quoted Dr. Buckhaults’s words in their proper context. The second thing I would do is pray, because truth and true prayer are inseparably linked. The third thing I would do is ask your doctor a simple question: “Doc, were these vaccines contaminated with DNA?” If he or she says no, respectfully point them to this article.

The next thing I would do is become informed. There are other doctors around the world that are apparently confirming his findings.

Personally, I find things on Dr. Peter Mccullough’s Twitter account, also from The Epoch Times news outlet, and here is a link to the World Council of Health which has done much research along these lines.

In closing, I think I have accurately represented Dr. Buckhaults’s statements in context, but you can listen for yourself. If you think I am in error, please let me know. Thanks.

By: John Horton