All Things Soldier: The IDF Steps Toward Interdependence?

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Having spent time in Israel, one thing I can tell you is that Israeli soldiers who are currently or have been a part of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have a profound sense of having to go it alone, with the exception of being allied with the United States. Let’s just say that a coalition approach to conflict is not something upon which Israel has had the chance to rely.

In a recent operation that in my view was brilliant from a psychological warfare perspective, Israel sent the message to Iran that other nations are interested in aligning with them, learning how to fight with them, and not forcing them to stand alone should Iran move against them. There was a security drill in the Red Sea wherein the IDF, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the US Naval Forces Central Command worked together.

With respect to the drill, Col. Aviran Lerer of the IDF said that the Marines “are a significant force in the US military with whom we have a lot of shared interests. The United States always fights as a coalition, and it could be that will be part of a future coalition. We, as an army, have to do everything we can to be ready for a future conflict; we see the Americans as a strategic ally, and there could be a time when we will work and fight together.”

While being involved in naval training sessions with other nations is certainly significant, what I found fascinating is that the Germans joined in an airborne training operation known as the Blue Flag Drills. In addition to Germany, participating in the drill were Italy, Britain, France, India, Greece, and the United States. The planes used for training included Eurofighters, F-35s, G550 planes, Raphale jets, Mirage jets, F-16s, and F-35s. They also practiced aerial battle as well as surface-to-air scenarios, and more.

Why is this set of drills so important? Because Iran needs to understand that there are other countries, including the one that tried to annihilate Israel through the Final Solution 80 years ago, along with Muslim nations that do not in any way subscribe to the idea that Israel needs to be eliminated from off the face of the earth.

For its part, Israel has made it clear that Iran will not be allowed to achieve nuclear capabilities that can be leveraged against a little state that is the size of the state of New Jersey. “Israel has no interest in a war with Iran, but we will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons,” an Israeli security official told a reporter with the BBC. “In light of Iranian progress of their nuclear programme, we are preparing for all options and scenarios, including military capabilities.”

Iran is operating under the delusion that they have a sacred duty to annihilate Israel, and Israel looks to thousands of years of recorded divine intervention that have proven over and over again that no one has ever succeeded in eliminating an agreement between Abraham and the Lord God Almighty, and no one ever will.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner