A Healthy Mind Is the First Step

By: Lana Woody

What if I told you that your health starts in your mind and not your body?  I know it sounds far-fetched, but sometimes the truth is just that. What does our mind have to do with our health? It has everything to do with our health. Our mind is like a muscle that needs to be trained and exercised just like our bodies. Our mind needs just as much love and nourishment as our body does. There are factors that contribute to our mind’s downfall. Sometimes it is stress, sometimes it is poor nutrition, sometimes it is what we allow into it.

There are many studies that show and people who strongly believe that what you think about affects your reality. When you think about something, you are allowing it into your reality. Your reality shapes your experience in your life. If you surround yourself with negative people who are unhealthy in their mind and body, it is inevitable that you will feel the effects of their reality. Who we choose to be in our life can literally shape our lives, our reality, and our health. Some people are strong enough not to let other people derail their health and their life choices, but the fact remains the same — our reality can be molded by those we are around.

Our thoughts and prayers are powerful as well, so be careful what your internal dialogue is. If you feel you are not good enough, you give off a vibration which can impact your overall results. You can work out, eat right, take the right supplements, and if you think you’re fat, your body and your mind will reflect that. It will literally give you what it thinks you want. Before you hit the gym or take your health supplements, remember where your health begins; it’s in your mind.

Your health begins in your mind, which is why the placebo effect actually works. This is a very interesting concept and if you don’t believe it’s possible, you are running on a treadmill, which in turn is getting you nowhere and you are making little progress. This is where other people come into play. It is really hard for most people to believe in themselves when they have someone putting negative self-talk about them in their head. “How do I get them to hush?” you ask. You don’t. You rise above it by giving yourself a pep talk. Your pep talk shouldn’t be, “If I do this then they will see.” It has to be authentic. It would be like going to an authentic Italian restaurant and expecting to get an American-style pizza.

When you work out, you cannot “bring it” if you are expecting something to happen that can’t happen because of bad self-talk. You haven’t properly trained your mind to reject doubts. These doubts are what stops your progress and makes all of your efforts worthless. You will soon give up if you think, “I will show them.”  Even your wife, husband, or partner does not share the same exact experience you do. So why would you let their experience bring you down? My point is that you don’t have to. You can fake it till you make it, if you don’t give up the first time someone, including yourself, sends doubt your way. If someone tells you, “I did that and it didn’t work,” remind yourself that it is their experience not yours. You will never know unless you try.

Mother Theresa’s infinite wisdom is, “It was never between you and them, it really is between you and God.”  It really is between you yourself and God because you have the choice of whether to make it about you, or about what others want you to think. Why would others want me to fail? Some people do not know any better and are not capable of seeing how they are affecting their own reality or how to stop manipulating someone else’s.

You can choose to rise above the negative and surround yourself with more positive people or you can just remove their doubt from your mind. This concept is the reason mainstream society, pharmaceutical companies, and people who don’t have your best interest at heart don’t want you to believe the truth. The truth is that you can believe in yourself, you can find your own definition or true health, and you can heal yourself from afflictions simply by believing you can. It is the first step at least, and no treatment is effective unless you believe it will work. In closing, if someone asked me if MSM+C works or is it that I believe it does, I would say it’s both because I believe that it works. I have seen what it does for others, and I know that this is the manifestation of positive thought, a great product, and like-minded people who believe that healing oneself and being healthy is possible.

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Your Friend in Health,

Lana E. Woody