2,000 Mules Is A Must-See

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

As a nation, we have labored, agonized and debated over what in the Billy-blue-Sam-hill happened with the 2020 Presidential election. We have been told everything from “It was the most secure election in history,” to “It was straight up stolen.” Anyone questioning anything has been labeled, threatened, and is basically told to move forward and just put all of this behind them. But as admirable as that option may sound on the surface, there are those who understand that we can’t do that if America is going to survive. One of them has put everything on the line to make sure that the American people have a chance to see what was suppressed and dismissed as the ravings of conspiracy theorists. His name is Dinesh D’Souza, and he has produced a documentary entitled 2,000 Mules that will have a limited release early in May.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dinesh, to me he embodies what it means for someone to come to America and live their dream. He came here as a teenager on a full Rotary scholarship to Dartmouth University. He graduated with honors, went on to write several books, produce several movies, be the dean of a college, a lecturer, a news commentator, and also ended up in prison on a lame campaign contribution fraud charge. He was completely pardoned by President Trump.

What makes 2,000 Mules so compelling is that it combines a great deal of footage of “campaign workers” taking required selfies so they could get paid, and security footage showing ballot boxes being stuffed. Then, they utilized what is known as geo-tracking, which traces the “pings” and the patterns of calls from burner phones to establish time-stamped routes of those who would visit ballot boxes in order to deliver what they had just been ordered to; often between the hours of midnight and 3 am. Geo-tracking is the same strategy used by the DEA when they bust drug cartels, and it works.

Back in 2010, years before there were any serious allegations of election tampering, a woman by the name of Catherine Engelbrecht started an organization entitled True the Vote. Dinesh reached out to her to help with Mules, and she is a brilliant force of nature. Here is what the organization says is their reason for what they do:

True the Vote’s mission is to train citizens to protect election integrity at the polls, and protect ALL voters’ rights.

Politicos and powerbrokers expect they’ll have total control over the election process, including what happens at the polls, who counts the ballots, and who watches them count. They believe the average person will trust them to conduct a fair election and think no more about it.

As American citizens, we share a civic responsibility to participate in this essential foundation of self-government, not just by voting, but by engaging in every stage of the electoral process to ensure our elections are administered legally and fairly so that we may have confidence in the results.

You cannot afford to leave this important work to other people. Don’t assume that if you don’t do it, somebody else will. Please dedicate some of your time to free elections in America.

The best way that I know for you to do your part to protect your voting rights, and those of others, is to begin by educating yourself and see if D’Souza and Engelbrecht are on to something, or whether this is worthy of a “tin-foil-hat” category.

There will be several ways to view 2,000 Mules as well as purchase the film. Please take the time to do so. I truly feel you must. For more information, go to www.2000mules.com.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner