Why Are You Sick And I Am Not?

By: Roy Williams

As many of you know, I do five radio shows about natural health each week on seven radio stations. As a result, many people say, “I have noticed that you are almost never sick.” The fact is that when I was 59, we decided that I should increase my life insurance so if I were killed in a car wreck or some other disaster, the business would be covered. So, we decided to apply for the coverage needed.

The insurance company sent a nurse to draw blood, get a urine sample, and ask the usual questions of which one was, “Who is your family doctor?” I will never forget the look on her face when I told her, “I do not have a family doctor.” She stated, “You are 59 years old and you don’t go to the doctor?” My answer was, “Why would I go to a doctor if I am not sick?”

The truth was that, at that time, I had not even seen a doctor for any reason since a hernia surgery I had when I was 26, and I couldn’t remember the name of the doctor that did it. “You have not been sick in over 33 years, she asked?” “No,” I replied.

Since then, at age 69, I have only been to a doctor’s office for two reasons. One was an abscessed tooth and the other was a detached retina. Please understand, we develop disorders because we are out of balance due to malnutrition (nutritional deficiencies) or a weakened immune system. Otherwise, our normal state is health.

There are many reasons the human body can become imbalanced, but one of the most obvious signs is too much body weight. Of course, there are several imbalances that cause us to gain too much weight. The number one cause of weight gain is overeating. When you take in more calories than you are burning you will gain weight. Eat the same number of calories that you burn and you will maintain weight. Eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight.

That is precisely why we at NEWtritional Health Care spent over 10 years formulating the product called Dieter’s DeLite. This product covers the main issues that most people need help with when wishing to lose weight. Dieter’s DeLite decreases your appetite making it easier to eat less. Dieter’s DeLite increases energy to help you move more and actually fires up your metabolism, both of which helps you burn more calories. It also supports thyroid function and helps with moods.

The original Dieter’s DeLite was a huge success with hundreds so satisfied with their results that they were willing to make TV commercials, showing before and after pictures, proving their results. As success grew, the powers that be decided to make one of the ingredients illegal for human consumption. That was done even though no one had reported any negative effects or had any health issues resulting from the use of it.

Of course, we abided by the law and stopped production of the original. It has taken us a few years to replicate the product without that ingredient, but late in 2023 we nailed it. Since then, we have many people telling us that it is equal to or maybe even better than the original, expressing huge reductions in appetite. A few of our customers telling us that they have to remind themselves to eat. Others say that they love it because it helps them to eat less and their junk food cravings have disappeared.

All that and more helps us believe that the new Dieter’s DeLite will surpass the original. The all-natural ingredients support normal blood sugar, fires up the metabolism, gives you good clean energy without

the jitters or the shakes, and supports balanced thyroid function. When you combine that with the appetite reduction, it is sure to be a homerun for the weight lose industry.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams