When the Student Becomes the Teacher…

By: Ryan Morris, Executive Director, Pure Hope Foundation

Have you ever wished for a life-changing experience with a horse? Read the story below to see how this was made possible for the young women of Hope Home and how you have the opportunity to experience this for yourself!

I’m so excited to share the sequel to the equine therapy story we shared earlier this summer. As you may remember, Pure Hope Foundation recently received a grant from our dear friends at the Sahm Family Foundation to provide training and certification for our team in GESTALT EQUINE THERAPY. The outcomes have been remarkable, and the follow up story is something only God could create.

As our team has begun practicing the techniques they learned through the Gestalt Training Seminar, the young women (or “Interns”) of Hope Home and our staff have experienced truly profound growth, healing and revelation, which has been life changing. In response, several of our staff members and one of our Interns has decided to take steps to pursue further training and certification in this method in order to begin providing these experiences for the future interns who come to find healing at Pure Hope Foundation.

The training they are receiving is incredibly robust and goes beyond “equine therapy” for those who have survived trauma. It also includes training exercises which draw upon the horses’ amazing intuition to help with ordinary challenges of life, such as navigating a complex life choice. The experiences could also include working with the horses and trainers to demonstrate techniques for learning to trust more, to be more mindful, to use the senses to be more present or become internally centered. They are learning to facilitate interaction between horses and guests to teach strategies focused on working well within a diverse team. Other experiences may focus on healing within relationships or helping parents and children connect with each other. Individuals and teams will also have opportunities through these equine experiences to help enhance leadership and decision making skills.

The incredible part of this opportunity we are excited to announce is that YOU will soon be able to visit Pure Hope Ranch and have a truly unique and profound experience with our Hope Horses and trainers. Specifically, the young woman who has had such a remarkable experience here with Gestalt Training has decided she wants part of her restoration story to include becoming a trainer herself and using what she is learning to facilitate equine experiences for our retreat guests. She is learning the philosophies, methodology and techniques to provide a world class experience as you enjoy the beauty and abundance waiting for you at the ranch. Click the button below to explore Pure Hope Ranch and learn about our retreats. We’re filling up 2024 quickly so consider booking your retreat soon.

We thought you might be touched by this offering from the Hope Home Intern who is pursuing the certification in Gestalt Training about what it means to her:

“Having a background of trauma, I’ve often closed myself off from feeling anything. Having the opportunity to be a part of an equine facilitating experience not only opened my heart to being part of the rest of the world, but it also opened the door to an unexpected purpose that has changed my life forever. GOD and His blessings come in different ways, and equine facilitating happens to be one of mine.”

So many of our generous friends have asked “how can I help?” In response to that beautiful question, we have decided to add a Wish List to the end of our newsletters with opportunities to get involved in this story. Below are a couple of needs, both big and small, which would greatly bless our Hope Home family.

* Horse Trailer: To transport our awesome stable of Hope Horses as needed. Please contact our Executive Director, Ryan Morris, about any opportunities here. Ryan@purehopefoundation.com

* Horse Feed: We would love to have 12 friends giving $50/month to feed our horses. These magnificent animals provide such a critical service to the young women of Hope Home. Click below to become one our our 12 ” Hope Horse Heroes.”

On the giving page, choose $50 and select the “monthly” option under the “donation frequency” tab. Then scroll down to “Additional instructions about my donation” and write in “Hope Horse Heroes” for your gift to be applied to feed each month. Thank you so much!

By: Ryan Morris, Executive Director, Pure Hope Foundation