What To Expect

By: Roy Williams

Yes, things are changing right before our eyes. Technology has given us the ability to do more, go faster, find more information, and make changes that just a few decades ago were unimaginable.

The pharmaceutical industry is no different, with one exception. Instead of using technology to find cures and prevent disease, they have chosen to use it to treat the symptoms of disease and never cure disease.

It really is easy to understand when you realize that the money is not in prevention or finding cures. In all reality, doing either of those would stop them from being able to charge the outrageous prices for everything they are involved with. We, as the American public, must begin to understand that they make their money from sickness.

To make sure their stockholders continue to make money and that their overall profit margins continue to grow, not only can they never cure or prevent, they must make sure that “true cures and actual preventative measures” are never taught or used.

So, what can we expect from this powerful industry? You don’t have to look back very far to figure out the answer to that question. It wasn’t so long ago that the pharmaceutical industry was not allowed to advertise prescription drugs. In order to receive a prescription, your doctor would have to do an examination on you to determine what wasn’t right with your physical or mental health. At that point, he or she could make a suggestion of a drug to use, and if you agreed, the prescription was written and you could take to the pharmacist to be filled.

Over time, the pharmaceutical industry was able to put pressure on our legislators to change the laws so that the pharmaceutical companies could advertise their drugs and encourage you to go to your doctor and ask for a prescription. Using the power of television, radio, and other means of advertising, they began to use commercials to persuade us to do just that.

Since that legislation has been passed, pharmaceutical sales have soared, making them some of the most lucrative businesses on earth. They have become so powerful that they are actually influencing the FDA, CDC, and governments around the world. The FDA, for instance, should no longer be considered a government agency, but instead, just a part of the pharmaceutical industry. The name Food and Drug Administration implies that they are controlled by the federal government. In reality, not only are they controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, the only people qualified to work for them actually have to come from that same industry. If one must have worked for the pharmaceutical industry or have a huge investment in the industry to work for them, doesn’t that create a conflict of interest?

If someone running for president of the United States was born in another country or was receiving a large income from another country, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for them to be making decisions for this country? If your doctor has large investments in two or three prescription drug manufacturers, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for them to prescribe those drugs?

Very few people know this. Medical doctors are not allowed to sell you drugs directly from the manufacturer, with the exception of oncologists. Cancer is the largest income producer for the pharmaceutical industry because doctors are allowed to make a profit off the drugs they prescribe. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Maybe now, you are beginning to understand why no cures for any disease have been developed in over 65 years. Remember, the treatment is in “treating the symptoms” not curing disease. Maybe, you are beginning to understand why the cost of prescription drugs have gone up higher and faster than any other product sold in the world. Maybe, you are beginning to understand. “What we can expect?” — Without some major changes, more of the same.

It is time that we, the American people, begin to take responsibility for our own health, instead of being dependent on the organizations that make money from sickness. It is time to realize that for the human body to maintain good health, we are dependent on 16 vitamins, 74 minerals and trace elements, 12 amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids, and a lot of protein. Unfortunately, the American diet is missing over 75% of those nutrients.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams