We Love Our Country

By: Roy Williams

Most of us were raised saying the Pledge of Allegiance, with our hand across our hearts, staring at the American flag. Many of us also quoted the Lord’s Prayer before starting classes. It was part of our education and a way to help each of us understand that we live in a free nation with specific rights attached.

In school we were taught that America was a special nation with laws that set us apart from all other nations. Those laws guarantee us freedoms such as, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of assembly, freedom to vote, freedoms that gave the power to the people while limiting the power of the government.

Yes, most of us love this nation. Many of our family members actually paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. We stand for the National Anthem, we vote, we pay our taxes and, yes, we even pray for our nation and its leaders.

Now it’s time for We the People to take another huge step toward freedom and that is to demand freedom of medicine. Many of you may think that we have freedom of medicine when in reality that was never given when the founding fathers wrote the constitution. To make matters even worse, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry, working with our legislators, established the FDA and gave them way too much power.

As a result, anything that can be proven to help the human body avoid or prevent disease can be controlled by the FDA. For instance, if you proved that eating an apple a day could stop diabetes, you would have to have a prescription from your doctor to purchase apples. Can you imagine how much apples would cost?

The laws are so strict that we can’t advertise the truth about many supplements that truly do have healing qualities. If we put a thousand people on an all-natural supplement and all of them got over cancer, the nutritional industry would not be able to report the results without a double blind, placebo-controlled study that cost well over three million dollars. And the only double blind, placebo-controlled studies that would be recognized are the ones performed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Because we don’t have freedom of medicine, only the medical profession can approve the studies and qualify who can perform them. It has been well-documented that high doses of intravenous vitamin C can prevent and reverse many diseases, yet you would be hard-pressed to find a medical doctor or medical school that is willing to do the studies.

The problem is that you cannot get a patent on an all-natural ingredient. A patent gives exclusivity to the patent holder allowing them to mark up the price as much as they wish. This is how they keep competition from forcing prices down. This is also why they will never do the studies that prove that nutrients are more important than drugs when it comes to healing and prevention of disease.

Supplements simply can’t be patented; therefore they aren’t interested in them even if they are proven to cure disease. They lose control of the narrative, which is to maintain control and charge the highest prices possible. Now you may begin to understand why drugs, medical procedures, and insurance cost so much.

Can you imagine how much your phone bill would be without competition? Believe me, I know. Some of you will remember how much phone bills were when Ma Bell had a monopoly. If the government had not followed the constitution and broke them up, no one could afford to use a phone today.

We are soon coming to the same situation with medicine; but instead of breaking up that monopoly, all they want to do is for the government to take over the entire medical profession. Trust me, that is not a good idea. What should be done is to give complete medical freedom to every citizen of the United States.

It is now time to take a stand. Demand freedom of choice in all medical issues. Move toward prevention and true cures instead of treating the symptoms just to make money. Only then will medicine become affordable to all people.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams