Way Herbs & More: Delighting Dieters In A Whole New

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

For more than twenty years, Herbs & More has been in Athens working hard to improve our total health. That commitment, which has gone through some definite challenges has more than paid off, and as Roy Williams told me recently with conviction, “We have been blessed to be here in Athens, and to be the trusted source of the highest quality health products and supplements on the planet.” The company has grown to the point that product is shipped to 11 countries, including Israel. Word of mouth has always been the primary form of advertising, and people will always talk about what is truly working for them! Every supplement that is under the NEW-tritional label is produced with the utmost care and carefulness, and an old favorite is back with a new formula: Dieter’s DeLite.

Roy gave me a detailed description of the history of the product and the changes it has undergone through the years, largely because he wanted Herbs & More customers and the public to understand the care with which the NEW-tritional company treats the development of any supplement. Dieter’s DeLite first came out in 1999, and has gone through three iterations. The first version contained ephedra, which is an herb used for hundreds of years, has some definite uses, and is still part of several prescription and over-the-counter respiratory medications. The problem was that some were misusing it and using it to produce methamphetamines. The Herbs & More customers who had used Dieter’s DeLite with great results, success, and no harmful side effects were not at all pleased with the product being pulled, but resilience is always the best course; they knew that whatever came next would be worth the wait.

The second version came out in 2010. Again, the greatest care in formulating a safe and effective product was taken, and people were getting wonderful results. A synthetic form of geranium oil took the place of ephedra, and it was on the market for four years. This was the version with which I personally had success, had no negative side effects, and joined the ranks of satisfied customers. However, it was determined that the synthetic version of geranium oil was no longer going to be allowed to be used, and so once again it was time to wait.

One of the things that has happened in our culture is that we have bought into an idea that there is a pill that can just cure issues with weight, and lifestyle shouldn’t have to matter. As Roy is known to say, “We haven’t created a pill that will keep you from reaping what you sow.” Herbs & More has always encouraged people to eat real food the way God made it. One of the reasons why they have hung in there with all the various rulings and have worked diligently to improve Dieter’s DeLite is because, as Roy says, “Obesity is an epidemic, especially in Alabama. Because America became so obese, we never gave up.”

So, the newest version of Dieter’s DeLite is here at last, and Roy says it is the best yet. This one contains a natural type of geranium oil known as Pelargonium graveolens and the previous concerns regarding certain ingredients just aren’t there. “People are raving,” said Roy, and added, “The ingredients are safe and effective.”  People are not only finding that their appetite is not as strong, but eating in general is much easier to manage. Their metabolism is getting fixed, they are able to concentrate better, have more focus, and have much more energy. Having more energy certainly leads to more weight loss because you become much more naturally inclined to move.

Other ingredients in Dieter’s DeLite include bitter orange, which works synergistically with the added caffeine in the product. The amount of caffeine is about the same as one cup of coffee, so there won’t be any jittery feeling. Yohimbe bark, white willow, citrus bi-flavonoids, cayenne bark, and more all work together to make what Roy calls a “true answer.”

Recently Roy said on his podcast: “It’s back, it’s better, it’s…DIETER’S DELITE! This name may or may not sound familiar to some ears, but for those who are looking to lose weight, gain energy, and increase their focus, this product is calling their name! With the holidays already here and the new year on the horizon, this is the perfect time for anyone looking to shed a few pounds (or even more than that) to take that leap and start their weight loss journey today!”

Dieter’s DeLite is available at both the Athens and Killen stores, and the Herbs & More crew is ready to help you build your health or that of a loved one. They want you to know that Dieter’s DeLite is also available in a 3-day supply for only $5.00, so you can test it first and be sure it is right for you. Herbs & More would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner