Treat Your Symptoms Or Help Your Body Heal

By: Roy Williams

We must make many decisions in our lives, but I believe that one of the most important decisions we face today is how we are going to maintain an affordable and effective healthcare system. The cost of our modern-day healthcare system is no longer effective or affordable. If healthcare cost continues to rise at the present rate, it will not be long until your healthcare will cost more than your house and car payments combined.

As a result of rising healthcare cost, the government is trying to push us into socialized medicine. At this time, they are pushing one of the most dangerous plans in the history of this great nation. Free vaccines for everyone. Free vaccines are just one step away from a total takeover of the entire medical system.

Socialized medicine is unsustainable and has never been effective or affordable in any nation where it was implemented. In every case, the cost goes up and the quality of service goes down. Do you hear about thousands of people fleeing into Cuba or Venezuela or even Canada to get the healthcare they need? Of course not. Are they curing disease in any of those nations? No.

With that said I must also ask, is America curing disease? I challenge you to give me just one example of any disease that they can say, “If you get this disease, we can cure it.” The American healthcare system is already controlled by big business. Our entire medical establishment is controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel. Even the FDA, the WHO, the CDC, and the medical education systems are controlled by big pharma.

No, they aren’t in the business of finding cures. They are in the business of treating the symptoms of disease. Why, because that is where they make their money. The entire system is set up to ease pain, stop nausea, slow the progress of disease, without actually reversing the disease process.

Talk to anyone who has reached the age of retirement and ask them how they like being retired. So many tell me that all they do is spend time going in and out of doctors’ offices, filling prescriptions, taking drugs, getting another procedure, or seeing another specialist. The entire system is designed to make you dependent on them.

Unfortunately, our so-called healthcare system (should be called sick care system) has been taken over by rules and regulations that make it impossible to ever prevent or truly reverse disease — and almost all the disease we are experiencing today can be prevented and reversed. It is also important that you understand why that is. It is simply a fact that there is no money in cures.

What they don’t want you to realize is that almost all the disease they are treating can be prevented and reversed through proper nutritional support. One example is heart disease, the number one killer in the industrialized world. Dr. Rath proved, using the most sophisticated and expensive medical equipment in the world, that over 95% of all heart disease can be prevented and reversed using vitamins, minerals, and other support factors. It was so effective that after just two years of taking the suggested supplements, all blockages were cleared from his patient’s cardiovascular systems.

In many countries, Type 2 diabetes is now recognized as a 90-day disorder. In those nations they temporarily put the patients on drugs, teach them how to eat to bring their blood sugar levels down, and encourage more exercise. Amazingly, it works. That same disorder in America is now recognized as a lifelong disorder that requires medication for lowering blood sugar and other medications to reduce cardiovascular disease, all of which cause many negative side effects.

People are beginning to realize that our system of sick care often does more harm than good. People are getting aggravated at the time wasted and the cost of treatments. Yes, people are also waking up to the fact that deficiency disorders can be reversed by addressing the deficiencies through proper nutrition and better lifestyle choices.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams