The H2 Fuel System Water Bottle By Vollara: The Extra Hydrogen Makes All The Difference!

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Recently, Amy Fiscus walked into our Tuesday morning Limestone Leaders BNI meeting with yet another piece of 21st century, game-changing, cutting-edge Vollara technology in the form of a water bottle called the H2 Fuel System. This tall glass bottle contains an infusing system that has the ability to add just enough hydrogen to water placed inside to make all the difference in meeting your hydration goals.

What few people realize is that water can be so acidic as well as so lacking in minerals that even though you are drinking the recommended amount of one half of your body weight in ounces each day, you can still be dehydrated. How is that possible? Because of a factor known as Oxygen Reduction Potential, or ORP, and water has to be balanced in order for the cells to absorb it and re-hydrate effectively.

In nature, ORP is the measure of a body of water’s ability to perform its own detox process when dealing with contaminants as well as dead animals or plants. In humans, who are made of water more than anything else, the water needs to be “alive” in order to get the job done well. Here is a more scientific explanation from Vollara:

“H2Fuel is a mobile water ionizer that charges regular water with molecular hydrogen gas to create hydrogen-infused, antioxidant-rich bioavailable water in 3 minutes. Water is infused with molecular hydrogen (H2), which makes it less oxidative. (Author’s note:  Though it may sound confusing, when water is LESS oxidative, it has MORE unused oxygen available, which is good. The extra hydrogen helps make that happen.) It uses electrolysis to infuse the molecular hydrogen into drinking water. This process makes it possible to measure the antioxidant qualities, it reduces free radicals, and flushes cellular waste and toxins from your cells.”

You might say, “But I am drinking purified bottled water, isn’t that enough?” Sadly, no. Purified drinking water has been stripped of minerals, which your body desperately needs, and often has chemicals added to it. If you are going to drink commercially prepared bottled water, make sure it is spring water.

Amy told me an interesting story about Major League Baseball teams, which use the Vollara air, water, and laundry systems. She said, “Professional baseball teams are different than football teams because they share secrets to their success with each other, including this. They share trainers and training tips, and they do so because they want to be the best, play against the best, and win because they are the best. They don’t have a ‘secret sauce’ that they keep from each other.” The portable bottle was developed because they are on buses, on the road, in airports, and don’t always have access to the Living Water made by the Vollara system. They have learned over the years how important having excellent water is to the quality of their game, and they don’t drink anything else!

The H2 Fuel system bottle looks like an ordinary tall glass water bottle, and the hydrogen infusing unit is in the bottom. It comes with a USB-style cord which you plug into a regular outlet for three minutes, and you are then good to go. You can also use it on the road. The portable bottle has a light feature that lets you know when the hydrogen-infusing process is finished and the water is ready to drink. It also has a light that indicates when the unit needs to be recharged. It greatly improves the taste of water, its energy and balance, and makes it gently alkaline. It is also easy to use.

The H2Fuel bottle hydrogenating system is a chemical free operation. It is compact, requires low maintenance, and is very quiet when being used. The bottom of the bottle has a silicone base cover to keep it from skidding.

A few more things about the H2 Fuel system: It is made for water only. It can be tap water, but spring water is better. You can NOT put coffee, tea, juice, or any other liquid in the unit—you’ll ruin it. However, you can take the water you have just improved, pour it out, and then use it for the above-mentioned purposes, but it is important to keep some water in the bottle in order to keep the system from drying out.

Perhaps you are not ready to invest in a drinking water system for your house, but you need to be ready to invest in the body you live in, and the H2 Fuel System will get you started. Call Amy Fiscus at 256-337-5727 today to find out to purchase this or any other Vollara product, and start your journey to better health.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner