Steve’s Corner: Advice To A Friend

By: Steve Leland

I have a friend that is struggling with some parts of his relationship with his wife and he asked the question “Where do I go from here?”

I answered him with my opinion and, upon reflection, decided to share it here in case it might speak to anyone in one way or another.

“Where do you go from here? Build your relationship with the Almighty.

Become the man that He dreams that you could be. What we have been taught is to become our best selves and do things for Him and the Kingdom. But we have been bought with a price, we are servants of the Most High. Servants, like employees, aren’t to be the masters of their service. We need to find His desires and serve them.

Whether she comes along, follows from a distance, or rejects the path entirely, He is your focus. He is your world. Whether or not she is won by your walk is ultimately her choice, but how you walk will affect her.

You love her greatly, that’s huge. Too many have to be reminded to love their wives. But she isn’t to be the center of your life, your Master is. Just as she should make you her master, but don’t be holding your breath over that eventuality.

Your focus doesn’t need to be other pursuits at this point. It needs to be the Kingdom and His righteousness. In His timing those other pursuits can be added.

I know, it’s a hard saying. But you’ve got to lay the foundation before you can build your dreams. And if the Kingdom isn’t your foundation, it is doomed before you start.

You are a brilliant and highly educated man, but don’t let your knowledge come between you and your Creator. All things decently and in order. Focus on your Boss, she either will or will not follow. The choice will be hers.

Another thought soup, as you called it. But hopefully you can find something in there to chew on.

BTW: I’m preaching to all of us, especially the guy in my mirror.”

By: Steve Leland