Staton House Boutique: For The Working Mom… And Everyone

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Ever since Kristen Beucher was a young girl, she had the dream of owning her own fashion boutique. Kristen grew up in West Limestone, graduated from West Limestone High, and as a 16-year old was beginning to build a successful modeling career. Her agent wanted her to move to New York City, but that was not the place Kristen wanted to be. She is a southern girl through and through.

Another thing Kristen used to do when she was quite young was to cut the hair of her Barbie dolls, and there aren’t exactly second chances when it comes doll hair—once it’s gone, it’s gone. It seemed hair as well as fashion were in her DNA, and after high school, Kristen attended cosmetology school. She has been a hairdresser since 2008.

Kristen married Will, who is in the Aerospace industry. They have two boys, and in 2014, Kristen opened Salon Blu on Jefferson. The “Blu” in Salon Blu is for their eldest son; it’s his middle name. During COVID, Salon Blu was shut down, and the opportunity that presented itself during the pandemic was to move north to a different location on Jefferson. They were able to remodel the new place completely before the COVID restrictions were lifted. So, one dream was fulfilled, with one to go.

When the place next door to Salon Blu became available, Kristen was hoping that she would be able to get it for the location of her boutique, and that wish has come true. Staton House is named after her second son, and both boys think it’s pretty cool to have businesses named after them. The remodel job has made Staton House “pop,” and already people are coming from places such as Decatur because of the choices, the prices, and the service. Kristen’s target market is the working mom who is “meeting herself coming and going.” Picture this as a possible scenario: It’s late Wednesday afternoon, and a single mom just dropped her kids at their dad’s and realized to her horror that she has forgotten she has an important event that night. She doesn’t have time to go home, let alone have the right outfit for it. That’s where Staton House comes in. “We have something for the working mom…and everyone,” said Kristen. Remember, Staton House is not just a location, it is the name for Kristen’s line of clothing. And, Kristen is expecting to do a brisk online business soon.

Here’s another scenario: a woman has just gotten her hair done at Salon Blu, and isn’t necessarily “under the gun” as far as being crunched for time. Yet, all she has to do is go next door, and she’ll get the kind of care that you would expect at a high-end shop on Rodeo Drive.

We laughed about how the fashion industry has revived what was popular in my youth fifty years ago down to the Tee. I asked her, “Why did I get rid of my original stuff?” Then I added, “That stuff today would be worth a chunk of change.” After agreeing with me, Kristen showed some casual pieces that genuinely would work for someone for someone who was 15, or for that matter, 50. “Like I said, something for everyone,” rejoined Kristen. We also established the fact that our faves for just about any occasion are maxi dresses, and we are glad they are back in style.

Staton House carries pieces from small to 2X, and everything in the middle. “We have something for a BBQ, for a wedding, a funeral or a casual event,” said Kristen. She is also gearing up for Mother’s Day, and is looking forward to helping the moms of Athens feel special on “their day.”

Staton House carries reasonably priced accessory jewelry, and kicky custom-made earrings that are actually made of clay and baked to a surprising hardness and strength. They have pleather pants that make you look like a rock star, and shorts for summer. However, what seriously “grabbed” me were a pair

of running shoes that are hands down the cutest things with laces I have ever seen. All kinds of prints and colors, not too crazy, and might just be what the doctor ordered for the Chick-fil-A 5K in May. I certainly hope so. They just might help me “place in the race!”

Staton House is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-4, and is waiting to show you that they love working moms….and everyone else!

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner