Spring Cleaning

By: Roy P. Williams

Finally spring is upon us! The buttercups are peeking out and the trees have buds waiting to show they’re glory. Spring symbolizes new life and a season of new beginnings. The new season is a great chance to do some spring cleaning, clear out the winter clothes, dress a little lighter, maybe even clean up your diet.

This time of year is a great opportunity to give our bodies a natural cleanse. After all, our ancestors routinely did spring cleanses on themselves and their children. We have gotten away from these rituals and now have a population of very sick people. Do a cleanse, it can’t hurt and your body will thank you for it. Mother Nature has given us many natural herbs that work synergistically with our bodies.

Some of the things we can do right now are to start by drinking more water. Water is the bodies’ lubricant and we need it so our organs can function correctly. To help the body not be in an acidic state add lemon juice to your water. Keeping the body alkaline keeps you healthier since most diseases manifest in an acidic state. Try to have a cup of dandelion root or fennel tea. These help to clean your liver. To give your body a lighter feeling, start to eat lighter.

You can also incorporate more cooked greens into your diet, sip on cleansing soups or broths and reduce heavy foods, including fried foods, saturated fats, dairy, sugar, soda, alcohol and even grains. All of these can help your body detox like it is made to do. When your detox pathways are open your body functions better and you feel better.

Movement is also essential for cleansing. The old saying “Stagnation is death” is true. A body in motion will stay in motion, so stay active. You can stay active by doing so many things, even simple things. Take a walk, garden, even cleaning out your basement. You get the concept, just move!

When I think of spring cleaning, I can’t stress the importance of cleaning up your mental health. Are there things going on in your life that are bringing you stress and affecting your quality of life? Do a mental cleanse also and ask yourself if something is not serving you or is affecting you in a negative way then find a way to make the situation better or remove it from your life. Sometimes we can do everything there is to get ourselves healthier but if emotional well-being is an issue, it can block our path to heal.

We have many great products here at NHC and I love getting to help others use them. When we talk about detoxing and spring cleansing “Regular” is a formulation we suggest for cleansing the digestive tract. It’s made up of herbs, food, vitamins, good bacteria and minerals. The colon has a very important job to do in the body and needs to function at an optimal level. Waste and toxins allowed to sit in the colon too long can be reabsorbed back into the body. “Regular” stimulates this process and does so in a gentle manner.

Just as the digestive tract plays a critical role in detoxing, so do the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood before sending it back to your heart. They are also responsible for eliminating toxins from your body. The kidneys also produce hormones, make red blood cells, help to regulate blood pressure and control calcium. This keeps your bones strong and healthy.

We offer a product called “Kidney Cleanse With Liver Support.” It contains herbs and extracts that support the urinary tract, and has antimicrobial agents. The liver needs to be supported when performing any type of detox. Keeping the kidneys and the liver clean and healthy is vital to our existence, since these are major detoxifying organs.

Remember, health begins when keeping an alkaline state in the body, eating a healthy diet and a hydrated system full of oxygen. Toxins are everywhere and they can pile up fast in our bodies and keep us from performing and living our best! Let us help you with your health and wellness. Happy Spring Cleaning!

Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams