Sometimes You Have To Bring Your Own Chair!

By: Jackie Warner

Who will speak for you when you are not in the room? I pray we all have some champions and sponsors out there who advocate for others.

If you have a seat at the table, then don’t just sit! Leverage it for the good of all. There are many “holding” a seat at the table, bringing little if any value. Having the seat means recognizing that it comes with purpose and responsibilities. Your seat at the table is a place of influence and power for those not in the room; take it seriously.

Let’s flip it to those who have the opportunity to invite participants to the table: choose wisely. Selections must come with intentional inclusion for real progress instead of group think.

Speak up!

1. Give voice to those who need it 2. Promote inclusion 3. Be present, listen to learn, and then share 4. Get up and out of the seat — to take action 5. Move over to make room for others 6. Debate and question when necessary