River City Roofing Solutions: Ready And Steady In Storm Season And Beyond

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Chris and Michael Muse began working in the construction industry when they were teenagers, and learned every aspect of the trade. Together they have more than 30 years of roofing experience. Chris is four years older than Michael, and except for Chris’s time in Korea serving our country, they have always done everything together, including work. They started River City Roofing Solutions in 2018, and business grew quickly because they are really good at what they do, guarantee their work, and have a special heart to educate their clients, give them options, and deal with the insurance agencies.

I first met Michael in 2019 at our Athens Limestone Leaders BNI chapter, and learned a lot about business in general and roofing in particular every time he spoke. In 2020, smack dab in the middle of the pandemic, Michael was in an accident that resulted in the loss of his leg. There is no question that the accident changed his life as well as that of his family, but one thing it did not do, and that was to stop him.

It has been said often, “What don’t kill ya, just makes ya stronger,” and I can say from personal observation that in spite of the accident, River City Roofing Solutions hasn’t missed a beat. When once upon a time Michael would get up on a roof, now they use a drone. The result is that they can get a better idea of what is truly needed, and it’s much safer. River City Roofing Solutions also makes extensive use of software that can take a picture of your home and accurately estimate how much roofing material is going to be needed to repair or replace your roof.

We are in storm season in North Alabama, and River City Roofing Solutions is ready for it. They have  tarps ready to go, and when heavy weather hits, they will tarp damaged houses in order to prevent further damage. It’s no secret, especially during storm season, that shoddy roofing companies seem to come out of the woodwork. “New or out-of-town companies will have a representative knock on the door, promise the moon, do poor work (if any at all), and then are gone. River City Roofing Solutions deals with it all the time; they call it “repairing the repairs.”

River City Roofing Solutions has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, and makes it a point to ensure that potential clients understand both their policies as well as their choices. A recent change in insurance policies has made it possible to give clients reduced rates on their policies when they replace their roofs with shingles that are resistant to storms. The shingles are also tested for how they would stand up to hail. Chris told me that the shingle companies take stainless steel balls and drop them from 20 feet onto the shingles to gauge impact. There are four main classifications, Class 1- Class 4. Class 3 and 4 shingles are typically considered impact resistant. A 1.75 inch ball is used for #3, and a two inch ball is used for #4. Michael feels that the storm-resistant shingle is going to become the industry standard.

The construction industry as well as the roofing industry are in the middle of challenges with supply chains as well as price increases. Both Chris and Michael told me that no matter what kinds of repairs are needed for a home, now is the time to take care of them before prices go up further and product availability goes down. They also mentioned that they now have more financing options so people can upgrade more quickly to the higher standard of shingles, which will save them money in the long run.

All work completed by River City Roofing Solutions is guaranteed for five years, and if there is something that wasn’t done right the first time, they’ll take care of it. “We start off by using the right products,” said Michael, and they explain to the homeowner the importance of the proper shingles, underlayment, decking, and structural soundness. They also teach about some of the environmental issues that are important to good roof care, such as keeping leaves from piling up. This is important because the leaves can cause water to back up under the shingles which can result in leaks. River City employees are continually upgrading their training and have certifications with the International Building Code as well as the International Roofing Code. Chris also mentioned that they do their utmost to match the best possible roofing solution to both the environment of the roof as well as the budget of the homeowner.

I asked Michael and Chris why, when I have choices when it comes to roofing companies, I should choose River City Roofing Solutions. It did not take Chris long to answer with one word: Experience. They have professional experience, life experience, and a true heart for their customers. If you are looking for a roofing company that will educate you, protect you, and give you an excellent result, then call River City Roofing Solutions today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner