Remember Castor Oil?

By: Roy Williams

Yes, this is your grandmother’s castor oil. This particular type of organic castor oil is a specific type of vegetable oil that has been used for centuries and is making a huge comeback. It has many health benefits and topical uses, thanks to the inclusion of cold-pressed and hexane-free ricinoleic acid, which is the main healing element of castor oil but isn’t found in many other substances. It is classified as an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that has been proven to do wonders for many areas of health.

Castor oil is added to many medications, skincare products, and foods. It was used as a natural remedy in ancient Egypt and many other civilizations and societies. Today it is still used for relief from many common ailments and is fast becoming well known as an anti-aging supplement and skin softening and anti-wrinkle agent, and it is much less expensive than many commercial brands. Castor oil also helps moisturize the skin by putting a protective layer over the surface, which helps hold moisture in and other organisms out.

Organic golden castor oil can help increase the production of lymphocytes, which are critical to proper circulation throughout the body. Like many fatty acids, this particular oil works by increasing lymph flow throughout the body, which is so important in our lethargic society. As the lymph system is cleaned, many toxins are released, which may reduce swollen lymph nodes lowering many of the disorders associated with a sluggish lymphatic system.

Over time, circulation will improve throughout the body by addressing the root cause and drawing toxins from the body. Fatty acids are also known for improving circulation to the brain supporting overall brain and heart health. With the number of dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnoses increasing, using this all-natural, totally safe supplement only makes sense.

Organic golden castor oil is also a well-known anti-inflammatory that can be used to relieve joint pain, due to inflammation. It can be used topically to treat painful joints all over the body, for both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. For those with psoriatic arthritis, the results have proven to be particularly beneficial. Of course, anyone struggling with joint pain should try this safe, natural remedy. There is the slight possibility of an allergic skin reaction for people with sensitive skin. For this reason, you may choose to try a small amount on a small section of skin and wait an hour to see if your body responds or reacts.

Castor oil is used as a healing agent for skin disorders and wounds. The protective layer it produces can stop the drying out of the affected areas to help decrease scabbing and scarring. It also stimulates new tissue growth, allowing a barrier to be formed more quickly than if the wound was left exposed or untreated. It can be applied directly to the skin, which is why it is used in many ointments and wound healing aids. It can be applied directly on the skin around the eyes to help reduce wrinkles by softening crow’s feet.

One of the most common uses of organic castor oil over the years is its ability to reduce or eliminate constipation. This amazing oil works internally as a stimulant, increasing the flexibility of the muscles that move stool from the colon. In this capacity, the oil seems to work very quickly and be a great temporary way to alleviate constipation. When taken orally, it is absorbed into the intestines, where it reacts with the bodily chemicals to produce the needed effect without doing any damage to the body. Many studies and thousands of testimonials, over the last decades, prove the effectiveness of castor oil for the elimination system. It is, however, not recommended as a long term use for constipation.

Common uses include natural support for liver detox, lymphatic drainage, colon cleansing, deep sleep, stress reduction, constipation and bloating, inflammation, leaky gut, hormonal imbalance, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramping, and almost any skin condition, including age reduction. It is no wonder that in a world seeming to recommend a drug with side-effects for everything, something as safe and effective as golden castor oil is coming back in style.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams